Friday, September 30, 2011

Claybank Jamboree

If your looking for something to do this weekend, come to my hometown of OZARK! It's that time of year again for the 41st Annual Claybank Jamboree which is held the first Saturday in October! There are lots of vendors for arts and crafts, a kids area with rides and games, and lots of food! :) If your in the wiregrass area, I encourage you to come check it out!
See ya' on the square! Also many local crafters will have tables set up in Simply Unique which is right off the square behind CVS :)


Thursday, September 29, 2011

1-100=2-New Dresses

I made a 100 on my recent Math test. I hate math with a passion but LOVE my teacher!! She is so nice and really knows how to TEACH and make her students understand! I made a 94 on my first test, and a 100 on this previous one :) I HIGHLY believe in reawarding yourself! I went to my new FAV boutique, VITA LUNA BOUTIQUE and bought these 2 pretty dresses!

These pics came from VITA LUNA's FB page :) Go check them out!

Remember I wore this one to Troy over the weekend? It was on sale for $20! Over 50% off :) This would look cute with black tights in the winter. The black bow on the side can be removed too!

This one is SOO cute for fall! I love the "pumpkin spice" color! Think leggings and boots!

Have you bought any new Fall clothing yet?? What are some must-have pieces?
Have a FABULOUS day!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Christmas Angel!

Christmas is a little less than 3 months away!!! YAY!! I just love the Christmas holidays! Every year I participate in Samaritan's Purse "Operation Christmas Child", I just love the feeling of making a child very happy! This year, Brittany and I  have decided to sponsor a local child and help make her Christmas wishes come true! The other day I started purchasing some clothes for our "Christmas Angel"! Our little angel is 5 years old and needs clothes and shoes. She is really into dress-up and baby dolls :) How sweet! We have a picture of our Christmas Angel and she is so precious, I just get so excited knowing that Brittany and I are helping her have a great Christmas! I figure that every few weeks I will purchase stuff for her up until December! I decided to go to Old Navy and look at some cute clothes and look what I ended up leaving with!!
Smocked Top

Striped-Flower Ruffle Dress
Ruffle Tier Vest

Brittany also got our "Christmas Angel" some fun and girly necklaces and bracelets, some shirts, and the CUTEST pair of denim leggings with rhinestones on the bottom!!

Do you sponsor a Christmas Angel for Christmas?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dinner Date!

This weekend I had a dinner date with Erica, Jaime, and her sweet boy CORT! We went to Hobby Lobby and Jamie found the cutest wreaths for their front doors! Then we went and ate at at Olive Garden! It was simply delicious! I usually got for soup, salad, and breadsticks, but they were out of my soup :( so I got the Cheese Raviolli in alfredo sauce! Here's some pics from dinner and the ride in the car!

Here's Cort holding my Sorrelli ring. He wanted to hold it and I taught him something, This is what he learned..

Me: "Cort, what do boys buy girls?"
Cort: :JEWELRY!"
He's going to be a keeper one day!

Eating his rice krispies while waiting on a table!

Hope everyone's having a great week!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Girl Time!

Once again, I have to say how extremely blessed I am for the friends in my life! My friends definitely help make life worth living! Saturday was spent having a "Girl's Day" with Erica and Courtney! On most Saturdays, I meet Erica at KC's Donuts for breakfast! I LOVE their donut holes, they are a comfort food that reminds me of my childhood :) Erica and I met at 8:30am and had our breakfast and saw Neil and Jaime with sweet lil' Cort there too! After donuts and Diet Coke's, we headed to a little shop in downtown Ozark on the square called Barefield's. They carry brands such as; Lacoste, Judith March, Karlie, Vera Bradley, Brighton, Columbia, and tailored suits for men! If your in Ozark, you should stop by! Erica left with a dress and I left empty-handed. We got ready and then picked up Courtney and headed to tailgate and visit with some friends in 45 minutes North for some TROY football!
I totally borrowed this pic from Courtney's FB :) There's Erica, yours truly, Amanda, and Courtney! Notice my dress? Wel..I got it for $20 at my new fav boutique in town called VITA LUNA BOUTIQUE. I have been wanting this dress ever since they opened like a month agp...and I scored it for over 1/2 off..go me! Notice the super cute black bow on the shoulder? We got to craving a little food when we headed home, so we stopped by Sonic and the Sonic mascots were there. I kinda made Erica and Court take a pic with only live once right? ;)
Of course we did some shopping too...
We went to some Troy boutiques called Family Ties, GLOW, TMarie, The Pink Parlor, and Seraphim!
I left Troy with these goodies in the backseat :)

Vera Bradley "Folkloric" Clutch on sale for $19.40!! This print matches most of my Fall wardrobe :) Sorry its a fuzzy picture :(

This is THE BEST dip ever!!! FIND IT! BUY LIKE 5! It's amazing :) Everyone will ask how to make it, the secret is in the mix!

Look at these FABULOUS black wedges!!! Notice the leopard inside?? Erica bought the brown ones! Erica also bought the CUTEST "bow" belt...check her blog soon, maybe she'll post a pic!

Have a FABULOUS week!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Surprise Pick-Me-Up

Have you ever had one of those days where that starts off bad, and it makes your whole day go bad? Earlier this week, that happened to me! Here's what happened...
  • I woke up a little late
  • I didn't feel comfortable or cute in the clothes I decided to wear
  • I left my bracelet at home
  • I decided to do my eye make-up different and it looked good :)
  • Then I cried like crazy on the way to work and messed it up
  • I got upset because my car messed up...again. It sounded like an awful go-cart/18 wheeler. I was running late to work and knew I had to just KEEP driving and get to work..Come to find out, I must've run over something and messed up something underneath...real bad :(
  • Momma had to get an earfull of my complaining and madness. I didn't feel safe driving to work. No one should ever feel like they aren't safe in their own vehicle.
  • However, it is fixed now :)
In the early afternoon at work that day I was so surprised by a sweet delivery that was made just for me! My sweet Momma and Dad decided to send me a little "pick me up" to help my day get better! It sure made me smile! Some super pretty flowers complete with a Diet Coke and my fav Heath Bar cookies from a local bakery!
After my "bad day" I realized it wasn't so bad. So many people have got it so much worse! Here I am worried about a car and how much the upkeep is. I should be thankful I have a car that is running and runs very well. I should be thankful that I have a good job. Many people today are homeless, broke, and jobless. A girl I know found out she has another brain tumor today...she had one removed a few weeks ago. She is in Birmingham undergoing treatments to try and shrink it. Someone else I know was diagnosed with cancer yesterday. I have so much to be thankful for and I am extremely blessed for my good health! No matter how bad of a day we may have, we have GOT to find something positive about the situation because someone else always has it worse!

*Please include those mentioned above and their health in your prayer! Thanks!*

Every morning I start my day by listening to a local Christian radio station. If your in the Wiregrass area, I recommend 94.3 HIS Radio :) It's so uplifting and helps start my day on the right track!

Have a FABULOUS weekend!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Forever Finds

Everyday I look on Forever 21's website to see their New Arrivals because they upload new things EACH and EVERY day! That's just fabulous if you ask me! I love how affordable and cute their clothes and accessories are! The closest location is in Destin, FL and Birmingham, AL. Once I knew I was going to Tuscaloosa this past weekend, I planned to stop by The Riverchase Galleria in B-Ham to see what I could find. I, of course, did NOT leave empty-handed :) I walked away with...

 Beaded Asymetrical Dress
-This color is GORGEOUS and the rhinestone shoulder is simply perfect :) I'm thinking wearing it one night in Athens and to my cousin rehearsal dinner coming up!

This isn't the EXACT sweater, but it's very similar to the one I bought, the one I got is Gray..but this brown one is super fab! I might have to order it!

This super cute Floral Rhinestone Ring was under $4!!
Have A FANTASTIC day!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Alabama Football

First off, let me start by saying WAR EAGLE! I wasn't the happiest camper after watching the Auburn game Saturday afternoon against Clemson, but I still stand behind the tigers and support them no matter what! I think we lost because I was in Tuscaloosa ;) My friend Caleb found out I was coming to T-Town and got me a student ticket for the Bama game! Remember him? Caleb has been a very good friend of mine since 6th grade! We still kept in touch when he moved away our Sophomore year. Anywho, my FIRST Bama game was a success! We had a blast! We went to a local T-Town hot spot called "The Houndstooth" before the game. I didn't want to take my camera into the game..too bulky! So I have some before and after pics!
 Had to have a Black and White and a color pic!
Here's my friend Jackson and his sweet momma Ms. Nancy! Jackson, Caleb, and I all went to school together and they are 'roomies'! They have an apartment right near Bryant-Denney Stadium. See it in the background?
Here's a phone pic of Caleb and I in the stadium. Thanks to Tyler for taking our pic! This was my first Bama game to attend at Bryant-Denney! I am used to the Iron Bowl's at Jordan-Hare...WAR EAGLE! ;) Notice my SORRELLI jewelry? Ya'll know I'm obsessed!
I couldn't help but snag these pics of Caleb and Tyler after the game!
 Boys will be boys..

Have a FABULOUS week!

*Congrats to Troy (where I the Dothan campus anyways) for playing a good game against Arkansas! *

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Friday Night Lights

Football season is well under way and this past Friday night I was able to go to watch my cousin Darby majorette during her high school game! Friday night Tuscaloosa's Hillcrest High's Patriots played their HUGE rival team and WON against Tuscaloosa County High. The final score was 28-7. I forgot about how fun a high school football game can be!
Before the 'BIG GAME', a special tribute performance was conducted by BOTH rival teams. It was so neat watching the rivals come together to do something so special for all the veterans, police officers, firefighters, etc that were in attendance that night, they were even brought out on the field to be recognized!
Look at my FABULOUS cousin Darby doin' her thang'!!! She just rocks at majorette!

The sheriff's department delivered the gameball and "dropped" it into the arms of a deputy on the field! So neat!! Can you see the gameball being dropped? It's right above the building.
As I sat in the stands behind the student section, I couldn't help but reminisce about all the memories I made at my Carroll High pep rallies, homecoming, and football games!

Here we are under a sign that we helped hold up while the other team was coming onto the field! Another neat experience at the game!
Here's some more pics of Darby :)

Here's my Uncle Jeff supporting Darby with her 'Spirit Pin'
I wore one too on my cardigan! Sorry it's a lil blurry :(
Can you tell I had a FABULOUS Friday night in Tuscaloosa?!?

Stay tuned to see what else I did in Tuscaloosa this weekend...


Monday, September 12, 2011


First off...I am so blessed to have amazing friends and family and also blessed that I don't work weekends!! I LOVE my weekends off! I have been taking weekend getaways with family and friends, catching up on some hobbies of mine, and relaxing. This past weekend was another FABULOUS weekend spent on the plains! I was on pins and needles during the game, I just was so excited we won!! Courtney and I did some shopping while in Auburn and took our pic in front of TRADITION!...
I love this pic and how the Magnolia Ave street sign is in the background :) 
I met up with Sami Jo!!! Sorry for the fuzziness, it's a cell pic!
Visiting TIGERTOWN outside of Auburn!

Here we are before our night out on the town!

Court, Shane, and their dog BUD. This was the best one out of many takes!
A bunch of us are thinking of going to ATHENS for the AUBURN-GEORGIA game in October. Does anyone live in Athens or visit there? I need someone to tell me where to go at night, some good places to eat, etc!

Hope everyone has a FABULOUS week and WAR EAGLE!