Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! A resolution that I've made for 2015... Which is off to a late start.. Is coming back to blogging! 

Here's what's been happening incase you don't follow me on Instagram! 

The Mr. and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary at Rosemary Beach, our favorite place in the world! 

A HUGE thank you to Jennifer Blair Photography for the amazing pictures!! I absolutely loved how she gave us our final product! 

And.... in other news! My sweet momma decorated a new Christmas Tree at our house!! 

We are SO thrilled about this new adventure and blessing God has given us! Our Gender Reveal is just 2 short (or shall I say LONG) weeks away! Girl or Boy, we just want a healthy baby! Here's my first chalkboard pic! 

Hope yall are having a fabulous Monday! 
-the Mrs. and soon to be mommy :)