Monday, June 27, 2011

"Crazy Fun-ness"

I don't know about ya'll, but for the past week or so I feel like I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off! By no means am I complaining! Those of you who know me in "real life" know that I love being busy and staying busy! I would rather have too many things to do than too little! Here's a lil' bit of what's been going on recently!!

*My sister-in-law Rebecca is in town!!! She arrived last Tuesday and I am so excited she's here! We were kinda bummed that my brother didn't surprise us and come too :( He had to work. Guess who was sitting on my bed Sunday when I got home from church?? KYLE was! That's right, that brother of mine surprised us all! I opened my door and there he was! I was unsure if it was really him or a cardboard cut-out!

-We had some family come over earlier this week for a homecooked meal and allow everyone to see Rebecca's lovely face once again :) RECIPE to come soon!!

 Heath came over too! Rebecca always makes a "clean plate" EVERY time we eat! I'm talking about a REAL clean plate! When she's finished with her meal, it looks like the dish is ready to eat off of again its that clean...well when Heath found out about this, his competitveness (sp?) came out and he just HAD to beat her and have a cleaner plate..he won :)
*Rebecca and I drove 11 hours on Saturday to Hattiesburg, MS for a friend's wedding! We had a lot of fun and picked up Brooke and her PRECIOUS baby boy Silas :)

 Sweet baby Silas is 8 months old! Isn't he a cutie! In the following 2 pics, I don't have my mascara on! I put it on in the ride to Mississippi :) So, don't hate!

Check back to see what else is happening!

Have a FABULOUS week!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Birthdays and Bowling

This past weekend 2 special people celebrated BIRTHDAYS! My Sunday School teacher Neil and my best friend Rebekah! Last Wednesday night we celebrated Neil's birthday by eating at a local Mexican restauraunt, Rodeo's, and then going to Ft. Rucker for some bowling.

BACK STORY: Neil has had 7 speeding tickets in the last year...yes 7-SEVEN, that is not a misprint people! Surprisingly, he still has that good ol' Alabama liscense! You would think that by now Neil would have plenty of excuses he has told the cop or has "planned" to tell the officer that pulls him over...but NO. Everytime he gets pulled over he admits he was speeding and just hands over the liscense, insurance, and registration. Well, Neil got his 7th ticket the week of his birthday. The previous 2 tickets were within 13 hours of ech other!!! So, needless to say, we had to play jokes on him about his awful driving habit! do you like the cake?

"Speeding into your thirties, Happy Birthday Neil!"
-notice the cop car chasing the beetle bug?
Bianca and sweet lil' Courtney
 Heath and I! Can't you tell on this blog that I prefer black and white photos of myself?
 This is how Neil REALLY feels about those police officers who keep handing him those tickets!
 This is Justin and Marissa. I missed Erica and Josh and hate that they weren't able to come :(
Our group split up into 2 teams; Boys vs. Girls. Anyone wanna take a wild guess on who won?
 Here's Jaime's professional and personalized ball, I love this pic!
Here's Heath and Courtney showing off their skills!'s yours truly showing everyone how its done!

After not doing to well with the above technique, I decided to do a "granny" bowl...and what do ya' know? I got a STRIKE!
 O yea...the GUYS won, go figure! They were already playing their 2nd game while us gals were on our 4th frame of the 1st game!!! We all had a blast and enjoyed ourselves!

Saturday night after the lake I headed to Rebekah's annual Birthday dinner with her family! Rebekah's dad made some AWESOME steaks and her mom made some AMAZING spinach and bacon mashed potatoes (I'll have to get the recipe and share!). Rebekah's mom also made a very rich, yummy, and fabulous Peanut Butter Fudge cake!! In the picture with Rebekah is her boyfriend Jeremy.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Fun at the Lake!

Saturday was full of some much needed FUN in the SUN! A few friends and I spent the day at Lake Eufaula catching some rays and enjoying the company of each other while tubing, riding the boat, and just chatting!

Here's Ashley and I when we first got on the boat!
This past weekend I accomplished a mini bucket list thing.. I tubed!!! That's right! I've NEVER water-tubed before! I've snow tubed up in West Virginia and Pennsylvania though. Snow tubing and water tubing are TWO completely DIFFERENT things!! Ashley was the awesome photographer while Brittany and I were tubing and my memory card was full before we TOTALLY went 4 ft in the needless to say there's no "air" shots of us, or any pics of the end of our tubing experience where we "butted" heads. We both are very hard-headed and had little headaches the rest of the day! Aren't we just the cutest tuber's? Is that even a word?

Hahaha! This pic cracks me up! Look at my face! This must have been when Kent, our fabulous boat captain (and Britt's beau), decided to take some fast turns!
I held on for dear life the ENTIRE time so that I would NOT fall in nasty lake tellin' how many alligators were in there!
Here's Kent, our fabulous boat driver! Kent relly wanted his pic on the blog ever since Brittany showed him "Southern Cinderella", so this one's for Kent! Also notice the 2nd pic of Kent tubing, he was getting some air on that one!

Heath was able to come too! I was excited because this was his 1st Saturday off in the past 6 weeks! I'm glad we could do something fun on his off day!

 Notice Heath is about to fall off but is STILL hanging on...yea, that lasted like 15 seconds!
 The boys having fun!!!

I am always so thankful whenever I am able to spend time with friends! I know I had a great weekend and can't wait for more lake trips!

Have a FABULOUS day!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


My dad is usually away traveling taking people on trips and tours.When he comes home he always brings my momma and I back a suprise. I just LOVE surprises! :) Well...he has been gone for 2 weeks and came home and brought CHLOE-ELIZABETH a surprise instead!! How sweet is that? He got her some summer tee's..complete with RHIINESTONES!
Don't worry though, he took us out to eat the night he came back home. We usually go to my favorite restaurant EVER, which is Conestoga Steakhouse. It's a family-owned place and has been around way longer than I have! Heath took me to Conestoga a few days early during our date night, so Mom and Dad decided to go to Cracker Barrel this time! It was still yummy! Momma and I finished our meals that we were able to get a FROZEN CARAMEL MUG SUNDAE :)

Dad also took his girls to Barnes & Noble where Momma and I both picked out a "summer read". Mom picked this one....
And yours truely picked this one....
I couldn't put this book down! It was so cute and fun! I started reading it Saturday and finished it early Sunday evening!

Have a FABULOUS day! Don't you just LOVE surprises? What kind of surprises do you like?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Abbeville Lunch

Happy Tuesday!!

In the last post I mentioned how Momma and I went to Headland, AL for the morning and have some fun! Well after leaving the Headland festival we decided to pay good ol' Abbeville a visit and eat some lunch at a super cute place called Huggin' Molly's. Please visit their website (there's a super cute story) and IF YOUR EVER IN TOWN...go visit!! They have fried green tomatoes, fried dill pickles, fried onion rings, homemade potato chips, hot dogs, chili dogs, AWESOME chicken fingers, sandwiches, soups, etc.! Everything is southern..even down to the yummy desserts! Huggin Molly's closes at like 3 and reopens at like 4:30 to serve a more formal dinner menu.
 We walked out after eating our SCRUMTIOUS Southern lunch and saw this little guy getting a peek of what was inside..just hoping someone would give him a chicken finger! How stinkin' cute!!
Momma and I decided to walk downtown some more into a couple shops before headed back home. When I was little my mom and dad bought my shoes from "Buster Brown". Anyone else remember Buster Brown shoes?? Look at this AWESOME sign above the shoe store!!

Here's an Initial Keychain I got at a little shop downtown..I was long overdue for a new keychain!
 I just LOVE this old theatre and its "Welcome to Abbeville"! I love just thinking about decades ago when people went to a "show" there! If those brick walls could talk, I bet it would have TONS of stories!!
If you plan on visiting Abbeville, AL this summer, you should think about going to FREE movies on the Community Center lawn! Bring your lawn chairs for a free showing outside of some new movies! How neat would this be!! They are even selling low-cost concessions!!

Have a FANTASTIC week!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Headland Festival

Headland, Alabama.

   Headland is a neighborhood town that I love and adore, I always have and probably always will! My love for this small south Alabama town started when my Aunt Nonnie and Uncle Jeff purchased a home there when my cousin Darby was around the age of 2. They lived in another cute city before this called Abbeville (more on that in a few days too!!) They had the cutest little house and after numerous handy projects and additions, they turned it into a charming and loving home. Headland is one of those cute towns where EVERYONE knows everybody! If you don't work with them or see them at the Friday night football game, then you will definitely see them at the "church house" on Sunday!! When I was younger, I always told myself that one day I would build a wonderful "Southern Living" home on some land in Headland and build friendships with the lovely people there. 
    This past weekend there was a reason to celebrate in Headland, the celebration of "BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS and BOUNTIFUL BERRIES". Mom and I decided to visit the charming little ol' town of Headland on Saturday and must I say, we had a GREAT time! Here's a few pictures that were taken. The only thing missing that day was my Aunt Nonnie and her 'crew'! We miss them living so close!! It's been almost 3 years since they've moved to the big city of Tuscaloosa, and we're STILL getting used to it!! Enjoy the pics!!
I just HAD to have some STRAWBERRY Italian Ice! It was sooo yummy!! 
Mom decided to take a pic of me ordering my Italian Ice, she's silly like that! Notice my wallet? I totally got that last weekend! It's a Vera Bradley Frill collection wallet and I got it for 30% off..score! It has room for all my cards, cash, change, and even my checkbook!
 Momma decided to snap another picture just as I was turning around and in mid-bite! Sorry for the awful look on my face..just look at the lovely people pushing the stroller behind me and the daylillies!
Speaking of Daylillies......
 Aren't these pretty?? I was surprised they looked like they did considering its been 100+ degrees and there's been NO rain for quite a long time!!
 This cute lil' water fountain is located in the center of the Headland square next to the gazebo.
 Of course I had to turn it in 'black and white' also! Ya'll know I'm a sucker for a good ol' B&W pic
Momma couldn't leave without purchasing a Daylily to take home and plant! She let me pic out which kind :) First, you pick which type or species or whatever type of Daylily. They were ONLY $5!!
 Then you grab your bulbs from the bucket that's labeled the kind of Daylily you want. Each "strapped pack" had 3 bulbs!
Lastly, you take your new Daylily home. If you are going to Abbeville for lunch and aren't going straight home, then you pour a little bit of bottled water in the backseat cupholder :) Then stick your bulbs in there so they don't get do hot and have a little drink. Then when you finally get home you can plant your Daylillies!
Yes, this is the backseat of your Honda Civic.
Yes, we drove your car to Headland and Abbeville(it's better on gas!)
Yes, we cleaned out the cupholder as SOON as we got home.
Yes, we also got your broken window fixed this week from a rock that flew and busted it :)
-that totally happened when Mom was driving it, NOT me :)

That's what you get for living in another country and leave your car with us :) LOVE YOU guys and see you soon!

As you can tell Momma and I had a little adventure and enjoyed every minute of it! Check back to see a little bit of Abbeville, AL and where we went to lunch!!