Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Re-Cap

This year, Easter just wasn't the same for me. I like tradition, always have. I'm not one for change, unless it's for the best. My brother and sister-in-law weren't here to celebrate the joyous Easter season with us and neither was my aunt, uncle, and cousins. I know I should be happy because everyone is healthy and the only reason they weren't here is because of their location and where their new homes are for the time being. Next year, we will be together again for sure!! After church, Instead of coming home to a big homecooked feast like we have had EVERY year since I was born...we went to Longhorn. My grandparents, uncle, mom, and I. Since it was just the 5 of us, they decided to go out and eat. The memories made with family are always held dear in my heart, no matter where or how they are made!

I took pictures from when the Easter Bunny came and took some super cute pics of Chloe but then I realized I didn't have my memory card in....so I had to retake some.. Enjoy some of these Easter pics :)

Here's some pics of my precious Chloe-Elizabeth in the Easter shirt I made her :)

I just LOVE my sweet Chloe!! I don't know what I would do without her!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Easter weekend and continues to have a BLESSED week!


Friday, April 22, 2011

Tiffany Must-Have!

While looking at the Tiffany webiste recently, I came acroos this ring that I must have!! I just love it! It's so pretty and love the silver ball beading around the edges. I think when I go to NYC in October, I will have to purchase this at the T&CO store. They even have matching bangles if your interested!
This would be a sweet gift from someone who loves you!

What are you thoughts on this style ring?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rio and a 2 Year Old.

This past weekend I went with my Sunday School teacher and her 2 year old son to see RIO.

Rio was such a cute little movie, I recommend it if you have young kids or even for yourself. Court (the 2yr.old) was such a good boy in the movies! He sat there mesmorized at the colors and animation on the screen while eating his popcorn and siping his sippy cup! Court was such a sweetie and even fed me a piece of his popcorn! He did only last like 50 minutes in the movie and then decided he didn't want to watch the ending. Hahaha!

A few weeks ago Erica and I babysat sweet Cort and here is a pic of him doing the Easter craft I brought for hime to do!
Saturday night we had a Sunday School get-together and I decided to wear a magenta colored dress. We were all sitting around talking and Cort was playing with his cars. He came up to me to hand me a car and said , "Here you go Bahhh-beeee". Needless to say we all laughed because it sounded like he said "BARBIE". Jaime said he knows who Barbie is from his Toy Story books and movie. I just know for a fact he thought I was Barbie. That made my night, I thought it was so cute!

Have a great day!

Monday, April 18, 2011

GLOW Discoveries

Happy Monday Everyone! I think I have told ya'll about a store in Troy, Alabama before, called GLOW Boutique. I just love the way the inside of this boutique looks! Imagine big and tall glass doors as you enter a medium room filled with about 4 gold chandeliers with crystals hanging down and 2 crystal "trees" sitting atop two tables. Glow has a full line of beauty products such as SMASHBOX and TOO FACED. I'm not so familiar with their beauty side of the store because I always wonder o the left side of the store to the JEWELRY! I LOVE when jewelry is categorized by color! The "eye candy" grabs my attention best when grouped by color. Of course I did NOT leave empty-handed :) I never  walk out of GLOW without a little treasure or two or three.

Here is an outside picture of GLOW Boutique in Downtown Troy, Al. I didn't take this picture, I borrowed it from their FB page.

Here are some of my FABULOUS finds! My uncle Chad spoiled me and gave me a GLOW gift card for Christmas and I finished using it over the weekend :)

I have such tiny wrists and it is SO hard for me to find bracelets that fit without sliding off. I hit the jackpot Saturday and purchased 4 bracelets thats fit perfectly :) The open circle and star bracelets below are my FAVORITE! The open-circle bracelet is my new fav bracelet I own. It's funny because a few days/weeks ago I was messing with one of my stretchy rhinestone rings and flipped it inside out to a circle and thought that would be so cute as a bracelet...what do you know, the vision of the bracelet in my head is EXACTLY what this bracelet looked like! Glow had so many other cute bracelets like this with an INITIAL, PRINCESS CUT STONE, and a SKULL.
 Stacking and layering things are so fun to me! I thought these 2 bracelets would be so cute stacked together! The bottom black bracelet was available in many other colors too!
 I have needed some black and gold earrings for the longest time and came across these with a necklace that went well with them! I just love long LAYERING necklaces...don't you?
 Have you noticed the pink organza bags? Each piece of jewelry I purchased came tucked inside of one :)
 Here's what the earrings and necklace look like when put together!
My good friend Courtney graduates Radiology school next month and so I decided to get her a little something for her accomplishment and hard work! I would show you what I bought her, but she read this and would see it. Hey Courtney!
Have a FABULOUS week!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


I am SOOO excited that I now have 250+ followers!! Thank you so much to each and everyone of ya'll who take time out of your days to read what I have to say and read about what goes on in my life :) Thank you also to you stalkers who arent a "follower" but still visit daily!

I'm going to celebrate my giving myself a custom blog MAKEOVER! Maybe this will help spice things up a bit on SouthernCinderella. Do any of you recommend someone for custom design blog makeovers? I need someone who I can trust and will do a FABULOUS job and help turn my blog "vision" into something real!

Thanks ya'll again for reading!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Movie Date

Mom and I still had our weekly movie date even though she's been feeling under the weather all week. She took all her meds and took some cough drops before we walked in the theatre to see....

This was such a good movie and Russell Brand did not dissapoint. He is so funny and always makes you laugh!  I recommend this movie :)

During the previews Momma and I saw TWO movies that will be super cute!! I can't remember the name of one, but the other is Bridemaids...CAN. NOT. WAIT!

Have a great weekend!! Anyone going to the box office this weekend??

Friday, April 15, 2011

Dear EB:

Dear Easter Bunny,
I would love for you to "hop" on over to my house and leave the following goodies in my Easter basket this year.

Evolution of Smoothe Lip Balm in 'Summer Fruit'

Tropical Smoothie Gift Card to use towards some Strawberry-Banana smoothies.

"Dancing With The Stars"  Ab and Bun Workout DVD
*You can HOP on over to Wal-Mart and get this for $9.97*
might wanna hurry before they are gone :)

Jewelry of any kind.
I wouldn't mind having a pair of Sorrelli "Electric Blue" earrings :)
Here are two pair that I love!
For your convienence: The top pair ^ are Item: ECG2ASEB.
The bottom pair are item:ECG69ASEB

NAIL POLISH of pretty much any color. I love OPI.
Right now ULTA is having a sale...Buy 2 Get 1 FREE...for your convienence :)
I love all colors. Some cute Spring colors would be fab! Maybe even one with some SPARKLE!

Let's talk sweets  Mr. Rabbit. You can feel free to stuff my basket with some of these YUMMY treats :)
Dylan's Candy Bar Easter 2011 3-pack
You can order them HERE!
If I find anything else I need to add to this VERY helpful list, I will let you know :)
As you know I just LOVE surprises more than anything and your usually ALWAYS pretty good at surprising me with some FABULOUS things :) I trust you to fill my basket up well :)

Thanks In Advance.
Have A Hippity-Hoppity Day!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Royal Package

My brother and sister-in-law sent me my BIRTHDAY package! I just love receiving snail mail or in this case...ROYAL MAIL!
Here's some of the goodies that were inside! Rebecca and Kyle sure do know how to to pack things in!

How cute are these blue flats? They also included a cute pair of rhinestone house shoes :)
 They know I LOVE all things CUPCAKES and that I love to bake! How adorable is this double oven-mitt??!!?? I can't wait to use it to bake up some EASTER treats :)
 I wore this dress the very next day to work! It is super cute worn with a black skinny belt and black pumps! Everyone loved this dress at work and couldn't believe it was "sent from England'. They also sent me another SUPER cute 'Honeysuckle/Coral' cap sleeve dress with matching skinny belt and a cute blue sweater!
Cadbury dark chocolate!! YUMMY!
I currently reading this book that they got me for my birthday too!! It is really good so far and I don't expect anything but great from Sophie Kinsella. The "Shopaholic" series is my ALLTIME favortite book series! If you haven't read any books by Sophie Kinsella I strongly recommend them!

Have a FABULOUS day!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Prayers for Nick

Two weeks ago today my good friend Nick left to go fight for our freedom in Afghanistan. I ask that you please lift Nick up in your prayers today. Please pray for his protection and safety as well as the other men and women fighting right along with him.

Today I sent Nick a little care package and made sure to include a cute Easter card :)

Again, please keep Nick in your prayers. This is his first time going to Afghanistan and he will be there for 6-7 months.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy 69th Birthday Paw-Paw!

Happy Birthday to my favorite guy in the whole world!! Today is my Paw-Paw's 69th BIRTHDAY!! Doesn't he look so cute? Yesterday we celebrated with another "Grill Out" at my grandparents house!
My WONDERFUL grandparents and I!

Momma made a FABULOUS "Chocolate Delight" dessert for his 'cake'!

My Paw-Paw just LOVES his food! What Southern Baptist preacher doesn't? Mainly, his gifts involved food of some sort. He received a Hardee's Gift Card for his morning Biscuit & Gravy. My Paw-Paw goes there at least 3x a week for breakfast. He usually reads the paper and sips his coffee while having breakfast with friends there.

Paw-Paw was excited to get his gift from CHLOE-ELIZABETH. No holiday is complete without my Paw-Paw getting his favorite treat, especially from his favorite Great-Grandoggy!

To continue with the food theme, I gave him a gift card to LONGHORN STEAKHOUSE. Paw-Paw just LOVES a good and almost rare Flo's Filet!
Happy Birthday to My Favorite Guy!
Have a FABULOUS day Paw-Paw!
I love you!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Remember the awesome new shoes I told ya'll about that I bought at the beach? Well...here they are! I have a feeling I will be wearing these wedges all summer long!

Dresses, Capris, Shorts...I will wear them with everything!! I will especially wear them with this season's MUST-HAVE color for SPRING-2011..
 This was in last weeks issue of Woman's World. I just love the tunic they featured in this article!

So, do any of ya'll own any HONEYSUCKLE? Plan on getting anything this color?

Have a FABULOUS day!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Beach Trip!

Relaxation. Sunshine. Roaring Waves. Good Food. Fabulous Shopping. Great Friends.This past weekend I went to the beach for some FUN IN THE SUN! Guess who I went with??? ERICA from According to Erica! We had so much fun! Enjoy some pics of our trip, I am still trying to learn about my camera...which I LOVE BY THE WAY!

A yummy lunch was enjoyed at Margaritaville Saturday :)
 Here's Erica and her boyfriend Josh.

 This little seagull decided to join us on our balcony as we ate some "Baby Goldfish" crackers!
 Erica and I!

 Yours Truely with my FAB Tiffany's enjoying the sunset!

 A lil' fishy a fisherman caught on the pier

 Heres's one of my fav pics of Erica, I have no clue why she was making this face, but it's too funny!
Now, come back and see what FABULOUS shoes I bought at the beach!!! I just LOVE my new summer shoes..HINT: They have a touch of "sparkle" ;)