Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Beach Trip!

Relaxation. Sunshine. Roaring Waves. Good Food. Fabulous Shopping. Great Friends.This past weekend I went to the beach for some FUN IN THE SUN! Guess who I went with??? ERICA from According to Erica! We had so much fun! Enjoy some pics of our trip, I am still trying to learn about my camera...which I LOVE BY THE WAY!

A yummy lunch was enjoyed at Margaritaville Saturday :)
 Here's Erica and her boyfriend Josh.

 This little seagull decided to join us on our balcony as we ate some "Baby Goldfish" crackers!
 Erica and I!

 Yours Truely with my FAB Tiffany's enjoying the sunset!

 A lil' fishy a fisherman caught on the pier

 Heres's one of my fav pics of Erica, I have no clue why she was making this face, but it's too funny!
Now, come back and see what FABULOUS shoes I bought at the beach!!! I just LOVE my new summer shoes..HINT: They have a touch of "sparkle" ;)



  1. The pictures are gorgeous! You seem to have a good handle on your new camera already!

  2. I love your sunglasses! I've been wanting them for MONTHS!