Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Recap!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving week with friends, family, and loved ones! I have had family in town since Wednesday, so I haven't had much time to blog in the last week or so. Here's some pictures from Thanksgiving, I hope you enjoy!
Here I am putting out appetizers before the big meal, and eating some of my MeMaw's famous cheeseball!
My brother Kyle and I!
My Mom and MeMaw taking a break from cooking!
The Newlyweds! My brother and sister-in-law!
Here's my parents!

We all had a long game of wiffle ball!!
What was your favorite part of Thanksgiving this year?
Have a great week!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I am in love..with TopShop!

I found a dress in the Dec/Jan People Style Watch magazine that I think I might just HAVE TO HAVE for an early December wedding I am attending. I know this dress is a little short and you might be thinking that I may be a little cold wearing this in December..but Its Thanksgiving week and 80 degrees..I think in 18 days I will be ok :)

Think black pointed toe heels and a gold clutch with gold accessories. Maybe some thick gold bangles, and big gold earrings :) What do you girls think?

I also found these cute accessories at TopShop!

*I won won some fab awards from some great blogger gals and I will post those later this week :)

Have a great week!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Say a Prayer Please.

Please say a prayer for my Sunday School teacher and his wife. They lost their dog Simon yesterday. He has been sick with old age and got worse this past week, and he died yesterday. They have had this dog for YEARS! Simon was their "first" baby and it's such a sad time for them. Pets have such a special place in their owner's heart. It's funny our much love a 4-legged furball can give. Pets can become like a family member to most people, so please keep them in your prayers. Thanks!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I know I haven't blogged in a few days and I probably won't for a few more days because I have been a little under the weather! My allergies have beem acting up. My eyes have looking like this...
and doing a little of this...

so i've been taking ALOT of this...

I hope everyone eis having a healthy week!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

I can't believe this long weekend I have had has come to an end! Thursday I didn't have class in observance of Veteran's Day and my school is closed on Fridays :) So.., I had a 4 day weekend! Thursday I slept in and worked and then Momma and I went to my hometown's "Downtown Christmas Open House"! This year was one of the biggest turnouts for Open House! I was so glad to be able to mingle and talk with so many wonderful people Mom and I haven't seen for awhile! I didn't take ANY pictures..sorry! We did get manage to get a few Christmas gifts though!

While at work on Thursday, sweet Trent made me an AWESOME bracelet which I PROUDLY wore for the rest of the day at work :) It fit perfectly and was made from a pipe cleaner and packaging peanuts! *Dena, you know you want Trent to make you one!!*

Friday, I worked all day and Momma and I stayed in and rented a movie Friday night.On Saturday, I worked again all day and then my Sunday School class enjoyed a dinner and a movie night! We watched The Legend of Bagger's Vance. This was one of the movies in the study "Finding Jesus" in different movies.

Have a great week!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Courtney!

November is such a big month for birthdays! Tons of my friends have birthdays in November, as well as my aunt too! Last night, some friends and I did some celebrating for Courtney and her twin brother Cody! They are both 21!! We all went to eat at TGIFridays and had a fun time! Courtney's boyfriend, Shane was there of course! But his family came also to help celebrate which was really sweet! His niece Annabelle helped Courtney open her gifts!
She is opening up my gift in these pics. I made Courtney a wine glass complete with a "C" and polka dots! Also a deck of leopard print playing cards so she can play some drinking games, which I put a vinyl "C" and polka dots on that too! (had to coordinate!), and a super cute "C" coaster! In her card, I gave her some money to buy herself a drink!
Here's Kate, me, and Court! Excuse the way I look, I was looking a hot mess, I got there a little late because I had class :(
Brittany and Tiffany are going to shoot me for this pic, but o well! Love you girls!! Tiffany is going to be getting MARRIED in December!!! I just know her wedding is going to be gorgeous!! I can't wait! She sent out the CUTEST save the date magnets...I should show a pic they are so cute!
Courtney and Cody's stepmom made their birthday cake! She spent 2 days on their pound cake with cream cheese cake! I am a sucker for poundcake w/ cream cheese...this was so yummy!
Cody and his girlfriend Emily, she brought an ice cream cake too!
Two of Courtney's brothers!!
TWINS! Happy Birthday Courtney and Cody!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Samaritan's Purse

Have any of you heard of OCC, Operation Christmas Child? My family and I have participated in OCC since I was a little girl. When I was in the GA's at church a long time ago, we started filling these boxes for children all over the world who are living in awful living conditions and diseased parts of the world. Here's a brief description of what Samaritan's Purse is all about.

The story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:30-37) gives a clear picture of God's desire for us to help those in desperate need wherever we find them. After describing how the Samaritan rescued a hurting man whom others had passed by, Jesus told His hearers, "Go and do likewise."

For over 40 years, Samaritan's Purse has done our utmost to follow Christ's command by going to the aid of the world's poor, sick, and suffering. We are an effective means of reaching hurting people in countries around the world with food, medicine, and other assistance in the Name of Jesus Christ. This, in turn, earns us a hearing for the Gospel, the Good News of eternal life through Jesus Christ.Our emergency relief programs provide desperately needed assistance to victims of natural disaster, war, disease, and famine. As we offer food, water, and temporary shelter, we meet critical needs and give people a chance to rebuild their lives. Our community development and vocational programs in impoverished villages and neighborhoods help people break the cycle of poverty and give them hope for a better tomorrow.We impact the lives of vulnerable children through educational, feeding, clothing, and shelter programs that let them know they are not forgotten.We provide first-class treatment in the Name of the Great Physician through our medical projects, as well as supplying mission hospitals with much needed equipment and supplies.

*Samaritan's Purse does many other things than the Christmas shoeboxes, things such as rebuilding churches, Haiti relief, etc. Visit their website HERE for more info!!

FUN FACTS about Operation Christmas Child:
*8 MILLION children recieved shoe boxes last year.
*Over 130 countries have recieved shoe boxes since 1993.

Here's the shoebox I am almost finished with for this year :) I am doing this box for a little girl, can't you tell with the "My Little Pony" book? :)
I still have room to pack more!!!

Don't worry, the entire pack of lollipops isn't going in there. Samaritans purse says you have to have all individually wrapped candy in a clear bag, like a ziploc, so its easy for them to check it. I am also including a toothbrish and toothpaste, some socks, and a few other necessitites. Any other ideas? Have any of you packed a shoe box? What did you include in yours?
Have a great week!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Henri Bendel Finds

I was looking in the November issue of People Style Watch (one of my favorite magazines) and I came across a "Must Have" jewelry item from Henri Bendel. After seeing the following bracelet, I decided to check out the website and see what other pretties they had to offer! Of course, I just HAD to show ya'll! What do you think of these? I know I would LOVE this bracelet in my Christmas stocking (Hint Hint Momma!!) O yea, There's a 20% off coupon code in the magazine too!!
The Cool Cat Velvet Bracelet available in 4 colors. $68. My fav is the one above in Crystal/Gold.
I LOVE this bracelet, but I don't think I could spend what the price tag says. The Chan Luu for Henri Bendel Bracelet. $218

Are these rings GORGEOUS or what!! I am so sad to say this, but they are SOLD OUT!! They need to get them back in stock ASAP! I'll take a size 6 :) The Henri Stack Ring Set. $88

Chloe is looking at the website with me and decided she wants this "Crystal Fabuleash" for $298.
Have a GLAMOROUS day!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pretty Polish!

My momma always gets me a Halloween treat bag for Halloween and this year I got some of my favorite candies and some cotton candy :) I told Momma I wanted to be daring and get a bold new nail polish she got me some "PLUM LUCK".

The brush tip this polish has is pretty cool and works well :) I like the overall color on me, good choice Momma!

Whatcha think?


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Engagement Party

Saturday night Momma and I went to an engagement party for some family friends of ours! It was gorgeous! The mother of the bride is a GREAT photographer! She loved taking candids of the party all night! The following pictures are by Sara Dunn Photography.
These was the one man band! Jimmy!
The BEAUTIFUL Bride and Mother of the Bride!!
This is Rebekah, my best friend since I was born.. literally! We liveed across the street from one another for the first 5 years of my life :) Remember, I stayed with her last weekend in Auburn and her parents house is where the engagement party took place!
Here I am! You can tell my hair fell during the night, o well!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Fun!

This past weekend my brother and sister-in-law came to town! Thursday night Momma made dinner and we all played my new board game, "The Last Word". After a few rounds of that, we played the Wii. Bowling is my favorite! My brother beat me both times by like 1 strike!
Friday night after work, Ryan and I went to the National Peanut Festival with momma, Kyle, and Rebecca! We walked around and ate and looked at exhibits. We enjoyed corndogs, roasted corn ears, boiled peanuts, cotton candy (pink of course!), and Kettle Korn :) Rebecca had to have a hot chocolate asap! It was cold!
Ryan had to play some basketball!!
Saturday after work I came home and Momma gave us our Halloween treats!
Saturday night my mom helped host an engagement party for a family friend of ours! It was outside and GORGEOUS! Everything was just fabulous! There was a one man band there and he was SO good! He played/sang a lot of oldies music. Maybe I will get some pictures up soon so ya'll can see how amazing everything turned out! I was there from 5:30-midnight! We had such a fun time with friends, that we didn't want to leave! Here's a pic of my Momma and I :)
Rebecca curled my hair for me before they left to go back to Mobile. Thanks Rebecca!
I hope everyone has a FABULOUS week!!