Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday Funday!

After Sunday School on Sunday, Kyle, Rebecca, and myself went to Dothan for the afternoon. We planned on going to the beach but with rain in the forecast we decided not too and just stay near home. We went to the mall to get some things for Rebecca's family in England. Ex: Her brother likes American Eagle jeans and they don't have an American Eagle in England. While we were at the mall, we decided to look at some shoes for her sister who wears a size 13 foot!! I wear a size 5 and shoes are so difficult to find, apparently size 13 is too!! We found a pair of summer sandals for her sister and I decided that I would try them on and see if they "would fit her".

After the mall, we went to eat a late lunch at Atlanta Bread Company. It was so yummy! I had the Half and Half Chicken Salad sandwich and Loaded Potato Soup.

After lunch we went for a coffee at a local coffee shop called Dakota's. Kyle had a Chai Latte, Rebecca a coffee on ice, and I had a White Chocolate Mocha Frappe' :) After coffee we went to an Anique Mall. Kyle and Rebecca LOVE looking at antique malls! Kyle found a JAMES TAYLOR record!!! I love James Taylor!!!

After a 2nd coffee we headed home and played Kyle's new Xbox Kinect game! This game has skeeball on it!! I LOVE skeeball!!

Have a great week!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Friend...

My friend Erica just started a blog, I mean literally just started. Erica is such a fun, outgoing, smart, pretty, and fashionable person! Erica is in my Sunday School/Bible Study group at church and I just love her! She is always making us laugh, she is just too funny and so much fun to be around! Please go visit Erica and tell her "Hello" and welcome her to the blog world! Let her know I sent you :)
Here's the link... ACCORDING TO ERICA
You'll want to make sure you "follow" this sweet fashionista or add her to your fav's! Thanks!

Saturday Trip

On Saturday Kyle, Rebecca, and myself went to visit my grandparents! I usually see them at least once a week, and it had been about 2 weeks since my last visit. My Me-Maw was sick last week with Bronchitis so I decided not to go see them since she was a little under the weather. My Paw-Paw grilled hamburgers for us with his new grill. They were so yummy!! My Me-Maw also made a chocolate cake! When I got there she just started making the icing, so I helped her finish it. This cake reminds me of a chocolate lava cake..super chocolate and yummy! I promice I only tested it and took a tiny corner :)

The cake is made from a simple boxed chocolate cake mix. After the cake is completely cooled poke random holes in the cake. As many or as little as you want. Remember you want to get some oozy icing in every bite! After you've pked the holes, pour the thin homemade chocolate icing all over the cake and in the holes. I have no clue what the recipe is for the icing we made. I asked my Me-Maw and she said she always just makes it up as she goes along. I do know that 3Tblsps of butter, vanilla extract, cocoa powder, and powdered sugar are used in hers! When you cut into the cake and eat it, the ooey gooey icing just pours out...YUM!!

Magnum, my brother's huge toy poodle, says Hello!!


Friday, January 28, 2011

Spring Is Near!!

Spring is alwmost here and I am so excited!! I just love spring..mainly because of the warm weather AND my birthday :) It was 64 degrees here today and tomorrow should be sunny with a high of 68!!! It's going to be a perfect weekend!!

Since Spring is already here and I see all the Spring ads for clothing and accessories in magazines and such I decided I needed something SPRINGY and colorful! So I went to Express and bought the following blouse and dress pants :)

I can't find a picture of the brown dress pants I bought but here is the link if your in need of a good light brown dress pant that is comfy :)

*I almost walked out with these pretties!! I may go back to buy them soon* I have 3 Express coupons I need to use up!!

Ruffled-Sleeve Top in either French Blue or Ice Rose

Cotton Twill Wide Leg Producer Pant

There was a pair like this in store that had white buttons instead of gold that were really cute :) They aren't online though, only in store.

Chiffon One-Shoulder Top

I would love a white skirt and white skinny belt and top pictured above! How cute would that be??

*Express has alot of cute dresses in store right now and all their already low price clearance is ADDITIONAL 40% off!!!!

What are some of the must-have items your need/want for Spring?


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine Surprises

I have already started making some Valentine goodies :) I used my Cricut machine and made these cute coasters for some sweet friends of mine. They could be used as a coaster or as a tile displayed on a small easel (that is such a funny word when you think about it and spelled funny too..or is that just me?)
Do you do anything special for your friends and family for valentine's day or just a significant other? Do you have a girls night or stay at home alone with chocolate and movies?


Monday, January 24, 2011

Healthy Me.


My New Year's resolution for 2011 was to exercise more and start eating healthy.

*I NEED to follow through with this.
*I NEED to feel good about myself.
*I NEED to be a healthy person.
*I NEED to set an example for others.

It is January 24th and I have 24 days to try and work on my resolution..I have failed. It is now time to step up and get with the program. I have only worked out maybe 3 days this year for like 45 minutes each day. Fail.


**The following are MY personal goals for myself **
Here's the scoop:

My senior year of high school was my best year. I weighed anywhere from around 93-96 pounds, worked out for about 3 hours a day and walked most evenings with my my friend Kaylyn. I played tennis everyday for 4 years (Aug-April). I exercised alot and was very active. My thighs were firm and I had a cute bikini body.

Now I am about 105 pounds, size 0 and eat lots of sweets and don't watch what I eat. I also drink WAY too many Diet Coke's. I love me some Diet Coke :) I am wanting to eat healthy meals and healthy foods. Maybe more fruits and veggies and more protein.

*Tonight I am doing some sit-ups to work on my abs
*Tomorrow night I am going to the gym with a friend
...let's hope this continues

For the next few days I am going to do the Special K diet. I did this a few years ago and it worked for me and filled me up. You eat Special K for 2 meals and then your choice for the other meal. Choose low calorie snacks in between meals, preferably Special K snacks. They have the BEST crackers and protein bars!
I will try and "journal" what I eat everyday and the exercises I do. I will start posting that tomorrow!

Do any of you girls have any recipes for healthy eating?? I would love for you to share them!!

Have a FABULOUS day and thanks for listening to my plan/vent :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Momma!!!

Today is my fabulous momma's birthday!! Happy Birthday To Her!!

Last night my mom worked at the hospital and so my brother, sister-in-law, and I decided to surprise her at work with a cake and coffee and crash the birthday party her co-workers were throwing for her. She was SO surprised we came :) A very happy surprised! I wish I took a picture of the look on her face...priceless and hillarious. Here's some pics of the "party" at her work. These are all taken from our cell phones (DROIDS) so sorry for the poor picture quality :(



*REBECCA ENJOYING SOME SNACKS* Rebecca really loved the spinach dip!I have just returned home from church and we have a fun-filled day planned for Momma today. It is her day to do what she wants! The first thing on her list is to SLEEP! After working 12 hours last night, she needs it. She was supposed to work tonight but she got to have the night OFF because there's not alot of babies being delievered today at the hospital. When she wakes up its present time and then we are going out to eat :)

Happy Birthday Momma :)


Friday, January 21, 2011

Cookie Surprise!

Today I decided to be nice to my older brother Kyle and go to a local bakery and pick him up a special treat he used to get when he was a little boy. (He is now 25!) Here was one of his favorite treats as a little boy, NINJA TURTLE COOKIES!

The top ninja, Raphael, may or may not have had his legs taken off first...

*Did you know that the names of the TEENAGE MUTAN NINJA TURTLES are all famous painters?? My brother informed me of that today...learn something new EVERYDAY!



Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Thanks everyone SO much for your camera advice!! I am still thinking about which one to get and your comments have helped tremendously!!

I've seen on many blogs where people do a "picture a day". Usually their "picture a day" is a candid from their phone. I figured sometimes in bewtween event posts and shopping posts I could do "a picture a day" posts :)'s my picture of the day

Today for lunch I packed a yogurt and diet coke :) My friend Brittany works with me at the bank and recently bought her first home!! Today I went to her house with her on our lunchbreak. I also had a peanut butter sandwich and cheese-its with my yogurt :) Brittany is showing off her PB&J and Diet Coke!
Happy HUMPDAY (aka=middle of the week)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Camera Advice

Alrighty girls, I need some advice. I am wanting a very awesome and FABULOUS camera for my birthday in March. Yes I know, there's 2 1/2 months until my birthday but I want to start looking soon for a camera. I need you girls to recommend a camera :) Canon, Nikon, Olympus??? I am thinking of this Canon Rebel XSI

I want a camera that works well to capture the many memories life has for us. If any of you girls have this camera or have another model or brand, please let me know the pros and cons :) Thanks!! Any help would greatly be appreciated :)
I also would like a cute camera strap preferably made out of Amy Butler material, anyone know a good Etsy seller or somewhere else I can get one?

Much love,

Lindsay :)

Verse of the Week

Each week in my Bible Study group our teacer Neil assigns a verse of the week to each of us on a topic we choose. We all have a different verse and most choose different topics since we all aren't in need of the same one. I figured I would share with you the verse for me each week, it might be something you need to hear or be reminded of too! :)
The verse this week is Proverbs 3: 5-6

Have a great weekend!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Funday!


I hope everyone is having a FABULOUS Friday :) I have had a great day! It started waking up for work after a good nights rest. I went to work and a lady I work with brought everyone some ChikFilA Chicken Mini's for breakfast. They were so yummy! I may or may not have had 3 or 4!

A bunch of us from work went to eat at RED ELEPHANT for lunch today. We called ahead and had them go ahead and prepare it so we wouldnt wait forever to get our food :)

A co-worker's birthday was today so we decided to all go celebrate. It was a perfect way for me to get to know everyone I work with and for them to get to know me. I've said this before but the people I work with at the bank are so nice and sweet. We shared MANY laughs today! I haven't laughed like I laughed today in awhile! :)

I am off to enjoy my 3-day weekend :)


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Weekly Happenings

Here's what's been going on this week so far in the life of Lindsay :)

1. AUBURN TIGERS win the 2010 National Championship! I am so thrilled and excited for all the Auburn Family! Auburn deserved it and importantly the SEC deserved it!

2. I bought some new nail polish. It is one of my new favorite "neutral" shades!

OPI "Barefoot Barcelona"

3. Mom, Rebecca, and I went to the movies last night to go see Country Strong. It was a really good movie! Rebecca said "it was an emotional rollar coaster".
Here's a picture of a scene that was one of my favorite scenes in the whole movie.

**I am so excited about my 3-day weekend coming up, anyone else excited about their 3-day weekend?**


Monday, January 10, 2011


The Auburn Tigers have won the SEC Championship and are playing in Arizona tonight in the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP !!! I'm so excited and can't wait!!
Please help cheer on the Auburn Tigers Monday night!!! I am beyond excited to watch the game and see what happens! Auburn deserves this!

War Eagle!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Job!

I've recently started my new job as a bank teller at a local bank and I must say I LOVE it!! Right now I work in the drive-up window and will soon be in both the lobby and drive-up :) It has been great so far! The people I work with are so nice :)

Don't you just love the old fashioned car and pic above?

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I know I will because I am now FREE on weekends!!! I get to sleep in and spend time with my family and friends and go on trips :) SO EXCITED!!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Day ReCap!

Christmas is always such a fun time of the year and always such a great time to spend with family! My brother Kyle and sister-in-law Rebecca spent the week with us and on Christmas morning we all woke up and had some cinnamond roll swhile opening gifts from Santa :) I am not posting those pictures because trust me...we do not look good when we wake up :) So I will show you pics from later on Christmas Day.

I was a very good girl this year and Santa brought me the following;

A Cricut Machine :)

Black Damask Print Laptop Desk with light

Here's some pics from Christmas afternoon including lunch at my grandparents :)
Kyle, Rebecca, and their puppy Stevie dressed in doggie leggings :)

Have a FABULOUS day!!


Christmas Eve Recap!

Christmas Eve is always held at our house and we usually have family over around 3ish for dinner! This Christmas we had family staying at our house so we were at the house all day preparing for our annual Lasagna dinner and a night full of games and gifts.
My cousin Darby and I and then some more pics of family including Aunt Nonnie, , Danley, PawPaw, MeMaw, Kyle, and Rebecca.
After family leaves we open presents from one another before Santa come to see us :)
Chloe had fun opening some of her gifts :)
Here I am opening my gift from Chloe :) It was a handstamped necklace with her name and pawparint on it :)

Christmas pics coming soon :)