Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturday Trip

On Saturday Kyle, Rebecca, and myself went to visit my grandparents! I usually see them at least once a week, and it had been about 2 weeks since my last visit. My Me-Maw was sick last week with Bronchitis so I decided not to go see them since she was a little under the weather. My Paw-Paw grilled hamburgers for us with his new grill. They were so yummy!! My Me-Maw also made a chocolate cake! When I got there she just started making the icing, so I helped her finish it. This cake reminds me of a chocolate lava cake..super chocolate and yummy! I promice I only tested it and took a tiny corner :)

The cake is made from a simple boxed chocolate cake mix. After the cake is completely cooled poke random holes in the cake. As many or as little as you want. Remember you want to get some oozy icing in every bite! After you've pked the holes, pour the thin homemade chocolate icing all over the cake and in the holes. I have no clue what the recipe is for the icing we made. I asked my Me-Maw and she said she always just makes it up as she goes along. I do know that 3Tblsps of butter, vanilla extract, cocoa powder, and powdered sugar are used in hers! When you cut into the cake and eat it, the ooey gooey icing just pours out...YUM!!

Magnum, my brother's huge toy poodle, says Hello!!


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  1. That cake looks delicious! Sounds like you had a fun day with family! Aren't Grandparents wonderful!?