Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Week

As we are beginning a new week I found a version of Hebrews 6:15 on Pinterest that is just too perfect for words! I decided to 'doodle' it yesterday! Maybe some of you needed to see this verse just like I needed to! 

May we all use our eyes to seek God and  our ears to listen to what He is telling us this week. 

Have a Fabulous week!
- Lindsay 

7th Birthday

My sweet fur-baby ,Chloe ,turned 7 this past week! Of course we threw her a little 'pawty'! 

When Chloe woke up she had playtime and bacon and chicken for breakfast :)

We also went to PetsMart so she could pick out her own birthday prizes!
Chloe had a cheeseburger no bun from Wendy's for lunch. (Her favorite)
Of course we had my brother and sister in law, momma, and baby Logan as guests! Our friends Darts and Summer also joined in the festivities and they won 'best present' by Chloe. She played with the colorful caterpillar the most! She also went CRAZY over these chicken strips my brother have her! So crazy, that she interrupted the birthday song by growling at puppy guest Magnum for attempting to take it away.
Of course we had cake!
The birthday book pictured above was baby Logan's party favor ;) the puppy guests received prizes also!

Happy 7th birthday to my sweet Chloe! I know you will live forever and have thousands more birthdays ;)

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Little English Clothing Review with Coupon Code

Happy Wednesday y'all! I am so glad the work week is halfway through, are you? I've got a little something for all you Momma's, aunts, "cha cha's", and grandmothers! Have you ever heard of Little English children's clothing? If not, now is the PERFECT time to try them out! Keep reading ;)

Little English contacted me to do a little feature on their ADORABLE classic children's clothing. I LOVE all things smocked and have bought Little English before for my little nephew Logan. I was able to pick out some outfits for two VERY special boys in my life, my 'nephew' Rob and nephew Logan.

               Little English is giving my fabulous blog followers and blog stalkers 
                         15% off YOUR purchase with the code Fabulous15

I was so excited when I saw the package on my doorstep! I was surprised at how quickly it arrived! I opened up the box and the inside was even wrapped cute :)

Rob is 13 months old, weighs about 25 pounds and is wearing a 12 months. How perfect is baby Rob! He is so photogenic! 

Logan will be 7 weeks on Friday and weighs 13 pounds. Our little chunky monkey is wearing a size 3 months and it was the perfect fit! The bubble was so easy to put on and felt so soft. Look how adorable!

Thanks so much Little English for creating adorable, stylish, and durable clothing!

For those of you reading this, don't forget the code is Fabulous15 for an extra 15% off your purchase at www.littleenglish.com . But WAIT, everything is 50% off online right now!!! Go grab some adorable clothing for all those beach trips, lake trips, birthday parties, and other events going on this summer! 

Here's a few of my favorites! 

How precious are these bloomers!!

Oh my goodness, how precious is this swimsuit?!
Now for the boys!

I hope y'all take advantage of the amazing deals at www.littleenglish.com plus code Fabulous15 for extra 15% off! 

Let me know what y'all end up adding to our cart! :)

Have a great week!
Lindsay aka Aunt Babe

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wedding Wednesday

Only 101 days until OUR WEDDING!!!

 I can't believe that we will be in the double digits this week, seems crazy! Andy and I are so excited for our big day! Of course we are excited about our week long getaway in St.Lucia as well. All this rainy weather is making us a little more excited about our tropical trip! 
What are you packing for your tropical honeymoon? 
-cant forget a 'new monogram' floppy hat!!

If you went to St.Lucia or anything, what are some tips that you'd like to share? 
Although all the talk and preparation is for the 'wedding' and honeymoon, it is TRUELY all about the marriage! I came across this on Instagram and LOVE it! 
Check back next week for a glimpse of our custom wedding book by Jan Sevadjian! 

Thanks y'all and Happy Wednesday!
-the future Mrs.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Baseball and a Bride

This past weekend was a jam packed one filled with lots of special memories! 

I was so honored to be apart of my friend Erica's wedding! Look how GORGEOUS she is!!!!
Here she is doing her makeup! She is the makeup Queen!
Here's me and my man :)
In between and after the wedding festivities, you could find me at the ball fields! My cousin Danley played in a state championship tournament this weekend.

Sweet Logan enjoyed his time at the ball fields. He even slept for 5 straight hours after the first day!
I'm not quite sure why Andy is making this face but it make my heart happy seeing him holding and loving on Logan!
Congrats to Danley and Tuscaloosa Post34 baseball for getting 1st Runner Up!

Happy Monday!!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Family Dinner

As most of y'all know, Wednesday night is family dinner night! It's a time where momma cooks for all her babies :) most of the time it's her famous chicken casserole! Here's a few pics from last nights dinner, it's more fun with baby Logan there. 

I rocked him as soon as I arrived!
Baby Logan gave me, Aunt Babe, some different faces while waiting on Uncle Andy.

Uncle Andy arrived and held sweet Logan and was so patient trying to calm him while the rest of us played a round of 'RACKO'. Mom and I tried to rescue uncle Andy from the fussy babe, but Uncle Andy wanted to 'be the man' and calm Logan by himself. And THAT he did!
Look at those sweet chubby legs and arms!! I could just eat him up! I found these on Pinterest and thought I would share.

Aunt Babe and Uncle Andy love you to pieces sweet Logan! 

Oh yea, look how pretty the fruit cups for dessert looked! Rebecca did a fabulous job :)

Have a fantastic day!
-Aunt Babe

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wedding Wednesday- Engagement Party

Andy and I are extremely blessed with the best family and friends. This past Saturday night our friends came and celebrated our Engagement with us at a party hosted by some of my parents friends. The rain stopped right at 7:00 but most everything was moved inside. The entire party was more than I ever imagined. We are truly blessed. Some of these photos were taken by a hostess, Mrs. Sara. I also collected some pics from my cousin Darby and friend Courtney. Thanks girls! 

The food was absolutely amazing! Appetizers were a huge hit, I wish I had a picture of that. Bruschetta, marinated cheese and crackers, and marinated olives. All the men were in charge of the grill and what a fabulous job they did!

When our guests arrived they had a cute valet escort them inside and park their car. This is Tullie, my best friends brother!

Andy and I loved mingling with our guests and enjoyed every minute of spending time with those who came out to celebrate!

Our guests were able to listen to this musician while there! He was so good! He ended up playing on the catwalk in the house since we were moved inside and it was great!

Of course my sweet Logan was there :)

The parents!

My cousin Danley! I love him!
Everyone had a ton of fun with fireworks at the end! What a lovely evening!!

My beautiful Maid of Honor and I!

Thanks to our sweet hostesses for making our Engagement party a night to remember! Thanks for all the love you've shown to Andy and I as we embark on our new journey together!

-the future Mrs.