Monday, July 8, 2013

One Month

Guess who turned 1 month old yesterday?? My little nephew Logan Jack did! Where has the time gone? 
My mom and dad got Logan a new swing for his 1 month prize!
We celebrated yesterday by having lunch at LaParilla after church. Andy and I went "strollin'" with baby Logan and let his momma and daddy have a little coffee date alone :) I'm quite certain that little Logan enjoyed browsing through all of the Nike stuff with Uncle Andy.
We also 'strolled' through Target where Uncle Andy made it a mission to introduce the one and only Captain America to Logan. 
....and he's a fan!
This is the face he made when we gave him back to his daddy... I can already tell Logan won't want to leave Aunt Babe and Uncle Andy's house :)...and that's perfectly fine with me! 
***did you notice the photo bomber in the background? Hahaha! ***

My sister in law sent me this precious picture of our little over achiever or practicing his reading skills this morning! Apparently Logan is LOVING his Jellycat book I bought him!

Have a MARVELOUS Monday!
-Aunt Babe 

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  1. Y'all look good with the baby! :)

    So sweet, Aunt!