Thursday, January 28, 2010


I am so excited because I am having my FIRST GIVEAWAY!! I am so thankful for all my blogger friends that I have met, and wish that I could meet many of you in person! Maybe one day! This is kind of like a Valentine Giveaway/Favorite thing giveaway.
Here's what you will recieve if your the lucky winner!

*'The Essential Chocolate Chip Cookbook'. I love cooking, especially desserts. I just love this so much that I bought one for the lucky winner! It has some wonderful and easy recipes like chocolate chip truffles, chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake bars, chiffon cake, and mocha mousse :)
*A picture frame that I handmade just for YOU!
*Thank You cards. I just love to write notes! Birthday cards, thank you cards, anyday cards! You can use these to thank someone for being a great friend! It would make their day!
*Hankies! I saw these and thought these would be perfect for your purse. I LOVE the saying! It says, "Behind every wonderful woman, is a FABULOUS pair of shoes!" How cute?
Here's the rules:
-Become a follower/already a follower (1 entry)
*Make sure in your comment you let me know you are a follower :)
-Leave a Comment about Valentine's Day.(1 entry)
* If you dislike this holiday, say so. If you have a cute story to share about Valentine's Day or a decorating idea, you can share that too :)
The DEADLINE TO ENTER is Friday, Febuary 5!
Good Luck!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Sew Cute Pillowcases" and Valentine Tree!

Here's the pillowcase I made this weekend!! Please excuse the corny Post Title :) I got a little carried away.
Here is what you will need to make 1 Standard Size pillowcase.
3/4 yard of Main Fabric
1/3 yard of Edge Fabric
1/8 yard of Accent Band Fabric
Cutting Instructions:
Cut the main fabric 41" wide and 26" long
Cut the edge fabric 9" x 41"
Cut the accent band 2" x 41"
Sewing Instructions:
1. Fold the accent band and the edge fabric in half lengthwise with the right side of the fabric facing out. Press the fold.

2. Place the accent band on top of the main fabric, raw edges together.Layer the edge fabric on top of the band and main fabric. (again, raw edges together) Pin the layers together.

3. Stitch the five layers of fabric together using a 1/2" seam allowance. Trim the seam allowance tp 1/4". Stict the seam a second time 1/8" away from the raw edge.
If you have a zig-zag stitch on your machine or access to a serger, you can stitch this seam allowance with a zig-zag or overcast stitch.

4. Fold the pillowcase in half with the wrong sides out. Pin together the sides and bottom of the pillowcase. Stitch the fabric together using a 1/2" seam allowance. Finish the seam as you did above.
5. Turn the pillowcase to the right side and press.
*The directions these came from are from 'Sewing Cards by Valori Wells Designs' "Pillowcases"*

The VALENTINE TREE is finished :) Thanks to Michael's, we have completed the topper (not so naked anymore) and thanks to Hobby Lobby(my new fav place), our tree has some cute ornaments :)
Have a great week everyone! If you have any questions about the pillowcases, just e-mail me!
*The giveaway I have coming up starts keep watching!*

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Momma!!!

Happy Birthday to my FABULOUS momma!!

Her birthday was actually yesterday, the 23rd. We spent the day shopping and eating, so I am posting about her birthday today :)

To start her birthday off, she couldn't sleep, so she woke up at 4am..and put in a movie. Please just guess what movie my momma watched. Just guess. Ok, I'll tell you..."Coalminer's Daughter". This is one of my mom's fav movies. It's about the country music legend Loretta Lynn's life. The way she talks in the movie just...idk, i can't stand it! lol. But anywho, she did fall back asleep and when we woke up we got ready for a big day! Mom opened her FABULOUS gifts from me, I love how I wrapped them :)Here's a centerpiece frame I made for her present table :)
Here she is opening up her new Jason Aldean CD from her granddog Chloe! Momma wants to be called "ChaCha" when she has grandkids, so her grandogs call her that now :)

Below is one of my favorite wrapped gifts, its a cookbook :)

Below is a glass drink container mom wnated for when she entertains and has people over! Can't you tell she's a little excited?

Doesn't this dress look familiar? It's the one I bought from the beach earlier this month!

After opening gifts we drove to my grandparents to pick them up and head to Prattville. We left Chloe at their house to play with their dog Becca while we were gone. They are BFF's! We went to eat at Longhorn's Steakhouse. I had the salad and baked potato and momma had the Flo's Filet for the first time. My pawpaw had a filet and my memaw ordered a southwest chicken salad. Here's a pic of my wonderful grandparenst while waiting on our food! Also, they sang "Happy Birthday" to mom and brought some Ice Cream!

After eating we went somewhere we have NEVER been before! HOBBY LOBBY!! We have never been and have heard so many people in the blog world talking about it, that we decided to go :) We don't have one cclose to us, so that's why we went to go to Hobby Lobby!
Let me just say, it was pretty awesome! We came home with a few bags of fun and cute home decor :) I was prepared and went to the website and printed out 3 of their 40% off one item coupon(since we live so far and dont get weekly fliers) one for me, momma, and memaw! My memaw left with the most! She bought some wall decor, a pretty platter for her kitchen that says, "Serve the Lord with Gladness". I bought some pink ostrich feathers for my room that were 50%off (so was wall decor, and floral, and ribbons!!), a roll of super cute wire ribbon for the frames i've been making, a pretty tassel with shades of pink for my room, and some other stuff :)
These are the hot pink feathers I got! I added them to some crystal stems and voila! The pic is of me and one of my besties, Hannah at Spring Break last year!

Hobby Lobby had some AWESOME cupcake jars like I have!! Hobby Lobby's were $22.99-$39.99!! I personally wouldnt pay that unless I used the 40% off, but mine is identical and I got mine from TJMAXX for $9.99! (Mine looks llike the one on the far left)
I so wanted this canvas! It is so me! It says, "I live, therefore I shop"!! How perfect!

I LOVE this velvet damask print ribbon! It was so thick and $14.99 and 1/2 off!! I would have bought it if it wasnt so thick, because I had no clue what I would have used it was just pretty :)When we left there, we went to TJMAXX, Nestle Toll House to get a cookie, Starbucks for a white chocolate mocha, and to pick up sweet Chloe :) Overall, I think Momma enjoyed her birthday!

I am making those pillowcases today and will post those later this week and also my first giveaway will be this week!!!

Have a FABULOUS week bloggers!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Fun

Classes for Spring semester started today. I had math today :( Let me just tell you girls right now...I hate math. I dislike it with a passion. It doesn't complete me. We weren't made for each other. End of story. But my instructor is very nice and I have some friends I already know in my math class, that's a plus right? :) I also had the day off from work today. Mom was also off, so what were we to do? We had fun! We went to a few small stores in my hometown and also to a wonderful, wonderful place in Enterprise :) I hope you FABULOUS blogger friends of mine enjoy the pics!

First we went to the bank, some hometown shops, and the Dollar General because 2-liter DIET COKE WAS ONLY $1.00!!! That's right, we racked up! Diet Coke makes me so happy!

We then went to Simply Unique in Ozark. This is a WONDERFUL and fun fabric store. I am so excited to get started on making some pillowcases this weekend :) I am in the mood to sew, and I'm going to start with some cute and easy pillowcases, along with other fun projects that you will have to come back and look for!!I just LOVE Amy Butler fabrics! They are so bright, bold, and simply fabulous! Below is just a tiny part of the Amy Butler section.
Look how fun these fabrics are! This is only like 1/5 of her selection! Simply Unique has tons of great fabric and notions!

Roll Tide and War Eagle!! (mainly War Eagle!) I love the yellow w/ black bird fabric in the center. Don't you?

Look at the ADORABLE apron!! Doesn't it just make you want to bake a little something sweet?

Simply Unique has everything! Even SOCK MONKEYS!!

I did buy a "Fat Quarter" of fabric for my initial cup pictured above. The fabricI bought today is the blue and green folded square! I LOVE this cup, I always take it to work and love how I can always change it up with cute fabric or scrapbook paper :) I am going later this week to Simply Unique to get some fabric for the pillowcases I will be making :) So excited!

Next on our afternoon outing was Enterprise, Al. We drove a whole 20 minutes just for a CUPCAKE!!! As many of you girls know, I LOVE LOVE LOVE cupcakes! Cupcakes Ya'll is a super cute bakery!!

I always get the Poundcake with Cream Cheese icing! It is DELICIOUS!!!!! Mom got the Strawberry this time, her usual favorite is Key Lime...she might just need a Key Lime for her birthday :)Look how cute everything is in this Cupcake Bakery!! They also have children's birthday parties and they are adorable. They read cupcake books, color a cupcake, decorate their own cupcake, and even play "Pin the cherry on the cupcake". How cute! Notice the little aprons they get to wear and photos of the parties in the pic below!That pretty much sums up our little afternoon outing. I have pics of the craft projects I did on Sunday. The Valentines Tree is not finished yet, it still needs a topper, so please don't judge its nakedness :) It will have a ptretty topper shortly and zebra tree skirt!

First, I made some "love" letters and frames! I bought some cute scrapbook paper from Michael's, Mod Podge, frames from Michael's, and foam brushes.Next I traced the letter onto the paper I wanted. I traced on the opposite side so my pen mark didnt show.
After the paper was traced I applied a coat of mod-podge on the wood letter and then layed the paper of it. I smoothed the paper out with an ID card to make any lines or bubbles go away, credit cards work too! I leave a little bit of the paper hang over the edge...just a tiny bit.
I then sanded the edges of the paper with sandpaper and then appled a thin coat of mod-podge and let dry for about 20 minutes :)

I did the same thing with the following frames! They will look much cuter when they have a pic in them. They were drying when I took the pic.

Here's a sneak peak of the garland and the Valentine Tree!

Have a FABULOUS week! I will be busy with school and work this week, so I prolly won't post again until the weekend. Stay tuned for my first ever giveaway coming up in a few weeks :)


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Company

Today has been a windy and overcast day. That's good compared to all the rain we had yesterday! My Aunt Rhonda "Nonnie" and cousin Darby came to visit today. They are staying the night tonight and going shopping tomorrow. They were a little hungry after driving from T-Town, and so were Momma and I, so we went to Wendy's because they are open late :) We shared MANY laughs! Here are some random pics of us while eating.

Here's Darby eating her french fries. This girl eats french fries for every meal! Literally!

This CRACKS ME UP! This is my momma trying to be silly and little did she know I snapped a pic! She will be so embarrassed that I put this up, but it's HILLARIOUS! Don't ya'll like her Hello Kitty scrubs? She had to go to work :(

Here's my Aunt "Nonnie" and I showing off our burger and DC!

I have been redoing my room lately. The theme is Hot pink, light pink, black and white. It's very chic and classy :) I have a curio in my room where my jewelry is stored. I got some necks that we use at work to display jewelry on, and put them in my curio. All I need is a ring holder and earring holder. Here's how it looks so far. Sorry for the dark pic. Most of the jewelry on the necks are Sorrelli, Mariana, and Mahlon Grace jewelry.

Go visit Teresa at Blooming on Bainbridge! She is so sweet and such a fun person! I just love talking with her! She is having a PINK-WEEK GIVEAWAY this week!!! Be sure to enter for all the lovely PINK goodies!

Stay tuned for some Valentine decor Mom and I made for the house! We even have a super cute Valentine pencil tree!!
Have a FABULOUS week!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

O So Pretty!!

It has been a yucky and rainy day today! I worked all day today and put some new inventory out. The Bauble LuLu beads and bracelets came in! I bought some new beads :) A wine bottle, cinderella shoe charm, and a LOVE charm.

Many of you asked where I work and if we have a website. I work at a boutique called Hissyfits Boutique, and we do not have a website, but we do have a blog, check it out HERE!

I have been wrapping some birthday presents for mom lately. Her birthday is Saturday the 23rd! I am proud of my cute wrapping skills :) The colors I used for wrapping are purple, two shades of pink, white, and zebra. There will be pictures up next week!

I am looking online for cute accessories and clothes for SPRING 2010 and figured I would show you girls too :)Betsey Johnson Poodle and Heart Duo Necklace $42

Mom, if you would like to order this for me for my birthday or Valentine's Day as a gift from my precious tiny toy poodle Chloe...CLICK HERE..Love you :)

BB Dakota by Jack Valerie Dress in Frost Grey $48 LuLu's
How cute would this dress be with some layered pearl strands!

Through The Grapevine Dress $30 Lulu's
This would make a great date night dress! Add a short sleeve white cardigan for those cool summer nights :) I just LOVE ruffles!

These cute scarves came from Old Navy!! Only $12.50 and $10! There is nothing better than a colorful, floral, lightweight scarf to accessorize any outfit!
Hope your weekend is going wonderfully! I am enjoying my last weekend before school starts back :) Once school starts, it's study,study,study!!