Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Company

Today has been a windy and overcast day. That's good compared to all the rain we had yesterday! My Aunt Rhonda "Nonnie" and cousin Darby came to visit today. They are staying the night tonight and going shopping tomorrow. They were a little hungry after driving from T-Town, and so were Momma and I, so we went to Wendy's because they are open late :) We shared MANY laughs! Here are some random pics of us while eating.

Here's Darby eating her french fries. This girl eats french fries for every meal! Literally!

This CRACKS ME UP! This is my momma trying to be silly and little did she know I snapped a pic! She will be so embarrassed that I put this up, but it's HILLARIOUS! Don't ya'll like her Hello Kitty scrubs? She had to go to work :(

Here's my Aunt "Nonnie" and I showing off our burger and DC!

I have been redoing my room lately. The theme is Hot pink, light pink, black and white. It's very chic and classy :) I have a curio in my room where my jewelry is stored. I got some necks that we use at work to display jewelry on, and put them in my curio. All I need is a ring holder and earring holder. Here's how it looks so far. Sorry for the dark pic. Most of the jewelry on the necks are Sorrelli, Mariana, and Mahlon Grace jewelry.

Go visit Teresa at Blooming on Bainbridge! She is so sweet and such a fun person! I just love talking with her! She is having a PINK-WEEK GIVEAWAY this week!!! Be sure to enter for all the lovely PINK goodies!

Stay tuned for some Valentine decor Mom and I made for the house! We even have a super cute Valentine pencil tree!!
Have a FABULOUS week!!


  1. What a fun Sunday!!! I'm craving some Wendy's chili now. LOL!! XOXO

  2. looks like fun! I love valentines day! Im excited to see your tree!!

  3. omg i love wendy's spicy chicken sandwich

  4. I love your jewerly display! What a great way to use it as art instead of hiding it in a box.

  5. looks like a lovely trip out with family...gorgeous jewelry display! :)

  6. You and your DC! Glad you had a fab weekend.

  7. That picture of Darby eating the french fries is hilarious!

  8. I love, love, love what you're doing with your curio -- so cute & classy!

  9. what a fun weekend! your too cute in your pictures!