Thursday, January 14, 2010

Long Week!

This week has been soo LONG! Is it just me, or is everyone else's week long too? I have registered for classes and payed tuition. I have worked long days at work being busy as a bee rearranching the store and giving it a new look. Also, TONS of jewelry and accessories have come in. What do you girls think?

Look at all the green, brown, and gold!! Gold jewelry is in for Spring 2010!!
The following is our classy and chic black and white shelf!
Statement necklaces are in for Spring 2010 as well!!!

These adorable girls dresses come in 2t-6t! The red zebra is adorable to monogram black and use for Valentine's Day, Alabama football, or Christmas!

Last night I went to dinner with a friend of mine, Josh. He goes to school about 4 hours away and we've known each other for about 2 1/2 years, we met my senior year of high school. We try to see each other during the different holiday breaks whenever he comes home. We went and got some sushi...I tried the RAW was DELICIOUS!! I am now a sushi lover! I tend to like the spicy ones :)
I recieved an award as well!!! The Best (New) Blog Award!!

Thanks to Katie at Katie's Journey and Jen at A Girl In Pearls & A Boy with Toys for giving me this super cool award!!!

The rules of this award are as follows
1. To accept the award, you must post it on your blog with the name of the person who has granted you the award, and a link to their blog.
2. Pass the award on to approximately 15 other blogs that you recently discovered, and think are great!
3. Contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Here's the new bloggers that I have found and I think are FABULOUS, I know you will too so go and see them!
SunshineMeg at Float On
ParisPink at The Pink Polka Dot
Jules at Chic and Pink
Anne at Bibelot:Life's Little Things
Kristi at Live.Laugh.Love
Congrats girls! I'm so glad I have found you girls recently!

Please go over to Katie's Journey and follow her and enter her giveaway! She is such a sweet person and I am thankful that I found her blog, she is so sweet and has a big heart!! She has reached 100 folowers and is giving away a BLOG MAKEOVER by Leslie!!
Tonight Momma and I went to go see Leap Year after work and it was really cute! It was romantic, sweet, and funny!
I really want to see When In Rome and Valentine's Day! Any movies ya'll can't wait to see?


  1. Hello There Southern Cinderella!
    You are so lucky to have your sweet mother so close!
    I just adore spending time with my mother! BFF!
    Now..about that shop...what is the name?
    Is it in Ozark?
    That looks like my FAVORITE shop in Tuscaloosa...Bow Regards!!!!!
    They don't have shops like that here in the Northwest...I am not is ReALLY different that way...and lots of ways!
    The southern touch is just different!
    Lots more froo-froo!
    You are OH SO SWEET for awarding Blooming on Bainbridge!
    I am oh so honored!
    Us Alabama Gals have got to stick together!
    So do you work and go to school?
    You are just a doll-baby!
    Oh...I am wanting to see the movie...
    It's Complicated!
    Sissy says it is fab!

  2. I really cant wait to see Alice. But I'm a Tim Burton fiend!

  3. Lindsay, thank you so much!! What a sweetie you are! I will post this today!

  4. Thanks sweetie!

    I can't wait to see Valentine's Day & When In Rome - dont' forget about Dear John! Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. I love your store, everything looks like something I could wear! I bet working there would be dangerous! I can not wait to see Valentines Day and Leap Year they both look like really cute, funny, girlie movies!

  6. Yum, sushi! I haven't had any in forever!! I wish your store had a website, y'all have cute stuff!! Have a good weekend.

  7. I adore accessories. I cane at sushi about once a week. : )

  8. I want to see those movies as well.
    Sushi...hummmmmmm don't know about that!
    Congrats on your blog growing so fast! I don't see how you have time to stay in contact with everyone.
    And I remember someone saying they didn't have anything to blog about.........

  9. Thanks so much for the award hun and I love all of the jewelry and colors in your post! I am so happy to read that you saw Leap Year - I love love that film! I want to see Valentine's Day too, so many great actors!

  10. Oh! Thank you so much for the award! You are so sweet! ;) Also, I love all the jewelry...& agree that this week has just been WA-A-A-A-AY too long! I'm so glad that it's finally the weekend.

  11. Love the jewelry! And LOVE LOVE LOVE sushi!!

  12. BTW - I love the jewelry displays. I want so many of those pieces!

  13. Thanks for the shoutout! Love all of the jewels. Plus I love green and brown! Whenever I have kids that will be the colors of the nursery!

  14. just found your blog and think its so cute!! have a great weekend!!

  15. Thanks for the award and thanks for thinking my blog is fabulous!! I think your is too!! :)

  16. The new goodies for the store look so pretty. I love all of the pearls and green. I see a necklace that looks like it has a brooch on it and it is so cute.

    Your sushi looks delicious. I haven’t had it in forever and have been craving it!

    I also meant to thank you for passing this award along to me. I’ve been so busy and I’m sorry I’m just now getting around to thanking you for it.

    I hope you liked Leap Year. It looks really cute. I cannot wait to see Valentine’s Day!