Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Fun

Classes for Spring semester started today. I had math today :( Let me just tell you girls right now...I hate math. I dislike it with a passion. It doesn't complete me. We weren't made for each other. End of story. But my instructor is very nice and I have some friends I already know in my math class, that's a plus right? :) I also had the day off from work today. Mom was also off, so what were we to do? We had fun! We went to a few small stores in my hometown and also to a wonderful, wonderful place in Enterprise :) I hope you FABULOUS blogger friends of mine enjoy the pics!

First we went to the bank, some hometown shops, and the Dollar General because 2-liter DIET COKE WAS ONLY $1.00!!! That's right, we racked up! Diet Coke makes me so happy!

We then went to Simply Unique in Ozark. This is a WONDERFUL and fun fabric store. I am so excited to get started on making some pillowcases this weekend :) I am in the mood to sew, and I'm going to start with some cute and easy pillowcases, along with other fun projects that you will have to come back and look for!!I just LOVE Amy Butler fabrics! They are so bright, bold, and simply fabulous! Below is just a tiny part of the Amy Butler section.
Look how fun these fabrics are! This is only like 1/5 of her selection! Simply Unique has tons of great fabric and notions!

Roll Tide and War Eagle!! (mainly War Eagle!) I love the yellow w/ black bird fabric in the center. Don't you?

Look at the ADORABLE apron!! Doesn't it just make you want to bake a little something sweet?

Simply Unique has everything! Even SOCK MONKEYS!!

I did buy a "Fat Quarter" of fabric for my initial cup pictured above. The fabricI bought today is the blue and green folded square! I LOVE this cup, I always take it to work and love how I can always change it up with cute fabric or scrapbook paper :) I am going later this week to Simply Unique to get some fabric for the pillowcases I will be making :) So excited!

Next on our afternoon outing was Enterprise, Al. We drove a whole 20 minutes just for a CUPCAKE!!! As many of you girls know, I LOVE LOVE LOVE cupcakes! Cupcakes Ya'll is a super cute bakery!!

I always get the Poundcake with Cream Cheese icing! It is DELICIOUS!!!!! Mom got the Strawberry this time, her usual favorite is Key Lime...she might just need a Key Lime for her birthday :)Look how cute everything is in this Cupcake Bakery!! They also have children's birthday parties and they are adorable. They read cupcake books, color a cupcake, decorate their own cupcake, and even play "Pin the cherry on the cupcake". How cute! Notice the little aprons they get to wear and photos of the parties in the pic below!That pretty much sums up our little afternoon outing. I have pics of the craft projects I did on Sunday. The Valentines Tree is not finished yet, it still needs a topper, so please don't judge its nakedness :) It will have a ptretty topper shortly and zebra tree skirt!

First, I made some "love" letters and frames! I bought some cute scrapbook paper from Michael's, Mod Podge, frames from Michael's, and foam brushes.Next I traced the letter onto the paper I wanted. I traced on the opposite side so my pen mark didnt show.
After the paper was traced I applied a coat of mod-podge on the wood letter and then layed the paper of it. I smoothed the paper out with an ID card to make any lines or bubbles go away, credit cards work too! I leave a little bit of the paper hang over the edge...just a tiny bit.
I then sanded the edges of the paper with sandpaper and then appled a thin coat of mod-podge and let dry for about 20 minutes :)

I did the same thing with the following frames! They will look much cuter when they have a pic in them. They were drying when I took the pic.

Here's a sneak peak of the garland and the Valentine Tree!

Have a FABULOUS week! I will be busy with school and work this week, so I prolly won't post again until the weekend. Stay tuned for my first ever giveaway coming up in a few weeks :)



  1. I LOVE your letters and picture frames :) So cute!

  2. Your blog reminds me of mine! I love all those fabrics! Great choice! I would love to see your pillowcases to give me ideas! I also modge podged a few letters and they turned out great! Yours look awesome!

  3. yum! yum! yum! I love cupcakes too!!
    love your DIY projects!

  4. I love these letters! I am not that great at painting, but I think I can do that! So cute!!

  5. Look at you being all crafy! LOVE the inital cups. I have been on the hunt for a "K" cup, but no luck! Everywhere is always out of K's! Cute 'LOVE' idea with the letters!

  6. very good blog, congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalonia
    thank you

  7. Cute Love letters! Thats a great idea.....

  8. I love that sign sitting on the counter with your cup. I like your cup too, very cute how you can change the fabric :0

  9. Cute, cute, cute! Love your blog, doll. :)

    Xoxo- Emily

  10. looks like you had a great day! :) love the LOVE letters! they look great! :)
    i started classes today too..my first class was business calculus.. :)

  11. This post made me smile. Man I miss crafty days, we used to have them all the time in college. I loved the pics of the sewing shop and the bakery, I want to go visit! haha. And that cupcake sounds delish and your letters and frames are too cute. And also, I hate math as well. Yeah, this was a great post, haha I'm such a nerd.

  12. Love the Mod Podge letters - and those cupcakes, yum!

  13. Wow Lindsay, these are sooo cute! the LOVE letters are absolutely pretty.


  14. The cupcake shop is so adorable, I am just in love with how cute it is! I would totally drive 20 mins for one of those babies! You did a great job on your "Love" letters too!