Saturday, January 16, 2010

O So Pretty!!

It has been a yucky and rainy day today! I worked all day today and put some new inventory out. The Bauble LuLu beads and bracelets came in! I bought some new beads :) A wine bottle, cinderella shoe charm, and a LOVE charm.

Many of you asked where I work and if we have a website. I work at a boutique called Hissyfits Boutique, and we do not have a website, but we do have a blog, check it out HERE!

I have been wrapping some birthday presents for mom lately. Her birthday is Saturday the 23rd! I am proud of my cute wrapping skills :) The colors I used for wrapping are purple, two shades of pink, white, and zebra. There will be pictures up next week!

I am looking online for cute accessories and clothes for SPRING 2010 and figured I would show you girls too :)Betsey Johnson Poodle and Heart Duo Necklace $42

Mom, if you would like to order this for me for my birthday or Valentine's Day as a gift from my precious tiny toy poodle Chloe...CLICK HERE..Love you :)

BB Dakota by Jack Valerie Dress in Frost Grey $48 LuLu's
How cute would this dress be with some layered pearl strands!

Through The Grapevine Dress $30 Lulu's
This would make a great date night dress! Add a short sleeve white cardigan for those cool summer nights :) I just LOVE ruffles!

These cute scarves came from Old Navy!! Only $12.50 and $10! There is nothing better than a colorful, floral, lightweight scarf to accessorize any outfit!
Hope your weekend is going wonderfully! I am enjoying my last weekend before school starts back :) Once school starts, it's study,study,study!!


  1. Cute stuff.....
    What are you going to school for?
    Study hard......

  2. I want those dresses sooooo badly--they look as though I designed them!

  3. Oh!
    Adore that last scarf!
    Need it!
    Want it! reason I adore shopping at Bow Regards in Ttown...the wrappings are wrappings to luuuuuv! Cutest wrapping of gifts...ever!

  4. Adorable items! Especially the Betsy Johnson necklace. I highly recommend the Outlook carseats for your puppy! I ordered all of mine from GW Little...

  5. I love Betsey Johnson accessories!!! I need to check into LuLu Beads. I would love to start something like this for Ellie. XOXO