Thursday, January 28, 2010


I am so excited because I am having my FIRST GIVEAWAY!! I am so thankful for all my blogger friends that I have met, and wish that I could meet many of you in person! Maybe one day! This is kind of like a Valentine Giveaway/Favorite thing giveaway.
Here's what you will recieve if your the lucky winner!

*'The Essential Chocolate Chip Cookbook'. I love cooking, especially desserts. I just love this so much that I bought one for the lucky winner! It has some wonderful and easy recipes like chocolate chip truffles, chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake bars, chiffon cake, and mocha mousse :)
*A picture frame that I handmade just for YOU!
*Thank You cards. I just love to write notes! Birthday cards, thank you cards, anyday cards! You can use these to thank someone for being a great friend! It would make their day!
*Hankies! I saw these and thought these would be perfect for your purse. I LOVE the saying! It says, "Behind every wonderful woman, is a FABULOUS pair of shoes!" How cute?
Here's the rules:
-Become a follower/already a follower (1 entry)
*Make sure in your comment you let me know you are a follower :)
-Leave a Comment about Valentine's Day.(1 entry)
* If you dislike this holiday, say so. If you have a cute story to share about Valentine's Day or a decorating idea, you can share that too :)
The DEADLINE TO ENTER is Friday, Febuary 5!
Good Luck!


  1. I got engaged on Valentine's Day. It is also the "holiday" that started me on the path to dating my husband because he sent me flowers for Valentine's Day. I didn't know who had sent them for close to a month. Four yrs later we got engaged on that day and then on Nov 14 in that same yr we married.

  2. What a wonderful giveaway! I have seen those hankies before and they are so cute! You know I'm a follower! Ha! I don't have a V-day story, but Happy (early) Valentines Day!

  3. I'm a follower! What a FUN giveaway! I love Valentine's Day because it was also our dating anniversary so we always went out and super celebrated! I hope we still celebrate it now that we have a real anniversary!

  4. I'm a follower! I love Valentine's Day because its a great excuse to hang out with my girlfriends and drink pink girly drinks

  5. I'm a (new) follower!

    I don't have a Valentine this year, but I'm going to go see a movie and to dinner with some of my other single girl friends. We'll have a good day regardless! I'm also decorating my floor for the holiday - I mean, I can actually use pink and get away with it - why not? :)

  6. I love this giveaway, especially the cookbook and the picture frame! I love Valentine's Day because it is a great excuse to bake delicous treats and eat yummy candy! Of course I am also a follower!

  7. I don't know how I feel about V Day. It's just another holiday!!

  8. Yeah for a giveaway! Of course I already follow your wonderful blog!!!

    As for Valentine's Day, I am not a huge fan yet because I have never really had a Valentine unless you count my God daughter. I have lots of fun spoiling her! Hopefully I will have my own Valentine sooner rather than later!

  9. I think that sometimes we forget about lovings ourselves!! “Later that day I got to thinking about relationships. There are those that open you up to something new and exotic, those that are old and familiar, those that bring up lots of questions, those that bring you somewhere unexpected, those that bring you far from where you started, and those that bring you back. But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous.”

  10. I'm a follower! This is too cute. Everything is adorable!

  11. This valentines day is going to be a little different for me. It's the first valentines day of me actually being an adult and he first valentines da since I've started college. On the Thursday before Valentines I will be attending the "Pink Party" which is a dance my college is having for valentines day complete with a chocolate fountain, great food, wonderful music, and lovely valentine goodies as long as your outfit is more than 5o% pink. Then on the Friday before Valentines I will be going to a steak dinner with my best friend and her parents at her church in honor of Valentines. Saturday I am not sure about yet, but on Valentines day I am planning on spending half of the day with my grandparents and then I plan on cooking a meal for my parents :)

  12. Great giveaway, that chocolate chip cookbook looks super fun! I'm a follower and as for Valentine's Day, my first date w. my hubs was on Valentine's day. This year makes the 11th one (we were high school sweethearts).

  13. You know that I follow and always read. And I love Valentines Day. Cute cute stuff!

    "Love is being stupid together."
    ~Paul Valery

  14. Follower of course :)

    Cute giveaway! I'm looking forward to my Valentine's day with my new fiance!!

    Have a great weekend!

  15. I'm a follower!

    I hate to say it, but Valentine's is over-rated. I'm not into flowers or chocolate or dedicating a day to showing someone you love them. It should be a year-round thing!

    (But I'd still love to win the giveaway :) )

  16. This Valentine's Day my fiance and I will be spending the weekend together working a cheerleading competition in Springfield...should be interesting! And to continue the yearly tradition, we're making an appointment for some pampering, last year it was pedicures =]

    p.s. you can find me over at

  17. and a lovely comment for me to make about valentine's day is that we aren't allowed to acknowledge it on the ship, ahah! we don't want to encourage fraternization :)
    i also blogged about your contest!

  18. i'm a follower! what a lovely giveaway! :)

  19. I am your 100th follower!! :)

    Beautiful giveaway, I like each and every thing, and that handmade picture frame is awesome.

    Valentine's Day is to me, a special day where me and my longtime boyfriend can spend a special night with one another - go out for a romantic dinner and just take the day to appreciate each other.


  20. heck ya i'm a follower! :o) love love this giveaway! i'm a sucker for frames and cookbooks! esp cookies!

  21. i ♥ valentine's day, but sadly married a man who thinks it's a hallmark made up day by women (which i'm sure is true) but ....i love making the month special for the kids! i found the cutest bottle cap necklaces on etsy thanks to some blogger...can't wait to order one for my daughter!!! as for my hubby....he odes bring me chocolates...(that i'm sure he buys on the way home at the gas station...ha ha) he also brings me cards that say happy birthday gma...he thinks it's funny! hardy har!

  22. What a cute give away!!! I'm a follower of course. And lets see...we don't celebrate Valentine's Day at our house much but I love that Ellie can make small gifts for her friends and they mean so much. :) XOXO

  23. I am a new follower!

    I don't really have strong feelings toward Valentine's Day one way or the other. 3 years ago, Valentine's day was actually my first "real" date with my now fiance. We had been on a couple low-key dates before then, but this was our first nice date.