Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Wedding Video and a Recipe!

We received our wedding DVD last night!! This little bride is sooooo excited! Andy and I watched the DVD twice in a row! There's also a mini highlight video to share with friends and family! I've included the link below! Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think!


I also posted our dinner last night on Instagram and got asked for the recipe, so here it is! It's very similar to a breakfast casserole but you don't have to refrigerate it! AND it calls for sweet potatoes, something that was in the pantry and we needed to use up quick!! Thanks to Pillsbury for the recipe! If you haven't signed up for their daily emails with recipes, you definitely should! That's how I found out about this one! 

Here's Pillsbury's picture.....
And mine! I only used 3 sweet potatoes instead of 3 cups of sweet potatoes! I also didn't use the Sirachi sauce, just olive oil, salt and pepper!

That's it!!! Super easy and yummy! Since this is more of a breakfast casserole, we didn't do any sides :)

And here's a little picture of our nephew Logan!! He is now 6 months old! Can you believe it??? This is his Halloween outfit :) We have our own little doughboy!

Have a fabulous week!
-the new mrs!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Breakfast Casserole

I don't know if you follow me on Instagram or not, but this morning I made my sweet husband his favorite breakfast casserole! I posted a pic on Instagram and it's had a lot of likes and requests for the recipe... so I figured I would share it on the blog today! This was so easy and simple to make, which makes it real nice during the holidays :) My momma makes it for Christmas morning breakfast along with Cinnamon Rolls 

Sausage Breakfast Casserole

1 lb. sausage
6 slices white bread
1 tsp. salt
1-1/2 cups shredded Cheddar cheese
6 eggs
2 cups milk

Cook sausage over medium heat until done, stirring to crumble well. Drain sausage. Cut bread into cubes and place in bottom of 9x13 pan. Sprinkle with sausage and then cheese. Combine remaining ingredients and mix well, then pour over mixture in pan. Cover and let stand in refrigerator for 8-10 hours. Bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes. 

-The new Mrs. M!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Finally a MRS!!

Andy and I are on our way to the beautiful St. Lucia for our honeymoon! I can't believe our day has come and gone already! I truly felt like Cinderella and Andy was the best looking Prince Charming! Enjoy a few pics that I've gathered from friends and family from our big day!


Have a fabulous week!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wedding Wednesday

Wow o Wow! 

-Only 4 more wedding Wednesday's until I'm a "Mrs."!

-Only 31 days until the wedding.

-Exactly 1 month from tomorrow I say "I do!"

I am beyond excited to spend the rest of my life with my best friend! I am so very thankful for the wonderful man God created JUST for me! 

This past week my work threw a 'work bridal shower' for me at Olive Garden. It was fun and I received many beautiful pieces of our china, some of all 3 sets we registered for ;) 

This past weekend some great friends hosted an amazing tailgate shower for Andy and I during the Auburn- LSU game! It was amazing and we had such a  wonderful time celebrating with friends. Our adorable flower girl even made up a cheer for us :) if you follow me on Instagram then you've seen the video I posted :)

Here's the ADORABLE invitation!
Laura did such a great job with the chalkboard! We had regular lemonade and spiked lemonade. Anyone ever heard of Toomer's famous lemonade in Auburn? 
The yummy food spread consisted of all tailgate favorites! Mini pigs in blanket, dips, and wings!
These cups are fabulous! "Cheers Y'all" and "Lindsay and Andy October 26,2013" on back :)
You can't have a tailgate without Rolen's bakery petit fours!  
Of course, sub sandwiches!
Fun times with great friends!
My soon to be new neighbor Leah!!!! If you have a child with allergies, check out her blog called Collinscooking for great recipes!
My sweet Andy and little Londyn!
Our precious flower girl Madison!!!
Madison helped us open our gifts, she was such a big help! Each platter or dish I received, she said was "perfect for cookies"! Even the bakeware sets and muffin pans were "perfect for cookies"!
Andy and his Ninja mini chopper :)
The hosts/hostesses gifted us with Auburn corn hole!! We can't wait to have friends and family over for our own tailgate party!
Silly Andy!
Madison had to have a picture just like 'Uncle Andy'!
 Best Man and Maid of Honor!
Bride and Groom with the hosts and hostesses!
I'll end the pics on 1980's prom pose ;)

This weekend Andy and I will celebrate with close friends at our bachelorette and bachelor parties!! Andy ad the guys will be going to Atlanta to a Braves game and Falcons game while the girls celebrate at the beach :)

Have a fabulous week!!!
The bride to be

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

In Hiding...

I didn't know I had abandoned the blog for OVER a month!! Eeek! As a Bride to Be I have been super busy with all things wedding and watching seasons 1-3 of the show Rules of Engagement on Netflix :) 

Back to wedding agenda, anyone know the countdown? I'll gladly let you know... 47 days!!!!!!! Our FABULOUS invitations were sent out last week and here's a pic that my sister in law posted on Instagram. I'm so in love with them!!
The picture shows the invitation, custom stamp, and inner envelope! I just LOVE them..can you tell?

Andy and I watched our adorable flower girl play soccer this past week! I'm proud to say that she scored 3 goals! 
Our sweet Logan is 3 months old now and LOVES his jellycat bunny! He is a chunk weighing in at 17lb!
Logan can't fit in the Bumbo seat anymore :( chunky monkey! 
Have a fantastic week!!! 
-soon to be Mrs.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Week

As we are beginning a new week I found a version of Hebrews 6:15 on Pinterest that is just too perfect for words! I decided to 'doodle' it yesterday! Maybe some of you needed to see this verse just like I needed to! 

May we all use our eyes to seek God and  our ears to listen to what He is telling us this week. 

Have a Fabulous week!
- Lindsay 

7th Birthday

My sweet fur-baby ,Chloe ,turned 7 this past week! Of course we threw her a little 'pawty'! 

When Chloe woke up she had playtime and bacon and chicken for breakfast :)

We also went to PetsMart so she could pick out her own birthday prizes!
Chloe had a cheeseburger no bun from Wendy's for lunch. (Her favorite)
Of course we had my brother and sister in law, momma, and baby Logan as guests! Our friends Darts and Summer also joined in the festivities and they won 'best present' by Chloe. She played with the colorful caterpillar the most! She also went CRAZY over these chicken strips my brother have her! So crazy, that she interrupted the birthday song by growling at puppy guest Magnum for attempting to take it away.
Of course we had cake!
The birthday book pictured above was baby Logan's party favor ;) the puppy guests received prizes also!

Happy 7th birthday to my sweet Chloe! I know you will live forever and have thousands more birthdays ;)

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Little English Clothing Review with Coupon Code

Happy Wednesday y'all! I am so glad the work week is halfway through, are you? I've got a little something for all you Momma's, aunts, "cha cha's", and grandmothers! Have you ever heard of Little English children's clothing? If not, now is the PERFECT time to try them out! Keep reading ;)

Little English contacted me to do a little feature on their ADORABLE classic children's clothing. I LOVE all things smocked and have bought Little English before for my little nephew Logan. I was able to pick out some outfits for two VERY special boys in my life, my 'nephew' Rob and nephew Logan.

               Little English is giving my fabulous blog followers and blog stalkers 
                         15% off YOUR purchase with the code Fabulous15

I was so excited when I saw the package on my doorstep! I was surprised at how quickly it arrived! I opened up the box and the inside was even wrapped cute :)

Rob is 13 months old, weighs about 25 pounds and is wearing a 12 months. How perfect is baby Rob! He is so photogenic! 

Logan will be 7 weeks on Friday and weighs 13 pounds. Our little chunky monkey is wearing a size 3 months and it was the perfect fit! The bubble was so easy to put on and felt so soft. Look how adorable!

Thanks so much Little English for creating adorable, stylish, and durable clothing!

For those of you reading this, don't forget the code is Fabulous15 for an extra 15% off your purchase at . But WAIT, everything is 50% off online right now!!! Go grab some adorable clothing for all those beach trips, lake trips, birthday parties, and other events going on this summer! 

Here's a few of my favorites! 

How precious are these bloomers!!

Oh my goodness, how precious is this swimsuit?!
Now for the boys!

I hope y'all take advantage of the amazing deals at plus code Fabulous15 for extra 15% off! 

Let me know what y'all end up adding to our cart! :)

Have a great week!
Lindsay aka Aunt Babe