Tuesday, September 10, 2013

In Hiding...

I didn't know I had abandoned the blog for OVER a month!! Eeek! As a Bride to Be I have been super busy with all things wedding and watching seasons 1-3 of the show Rules of Engagement on Netflix :) 

Back to wedding agenda, anyone know the countdown? I'll gladly let you know... 47 days!!!!!!! Our FABULOUS invitations were sent out last week and here's a pic that my sister in law posted on Instagram. I'm so in love with them!!
The picture shows the invitation, custom stamp, and inner envelope! I just LOVE them..can you tell?

Andy and I watched our adorable flower girl play soccer this past week! I'm proud to say that she scored 3 goals! 
Our sweet Logan is 3 months old now and LOVES his jellycat bunny! He is a chunk weighing in at 17lb!
Logan can't fit in the Bumbo seat anymore :( chunky monkey! 
Have a fantastic week!!! 
-soon to be Mrs.

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