Saturday, October 30, 2010


If it sparkles, if it shines, ..then it's for me! I just love jewelry! It's my weakness :) A certain line that I love is Sorrelli. We sell this line at Hissyfits and I am just head over heels in love with this antique-inspired jewelry with a lifetime warranty!

Here's some new pretties I've recently added to my collection!
What brands of jewelry or types of jewelry do you wear?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Game Night

This week's Bible Study was a Game Night! It was fun to fellowship with the group and have some fun. We played the game "Last Word" and this was the first time I've played this game and let me just say..I am going to Wal-Mart or Target to purchase this for game night this week with my brother and sister-in-law!
Have you played this game? What's a favorite game you like to play for Game Night?

Monday, October 25, 2010

War Eagle!

Whose ranked #1? AUBURN is!! WAR EAGLE!
I don't want to be "that" fan, so I won't go on about how happy I am about this. But even if it's just for a week or the rest of the season, I am so proud of the Auburn tigers! Auburn is such a great town and everyone is really like a family there. I was so excited that I was able to attend the Auburn-LSU game! The student section is so much fun! Cam Newton came and cheered with the students after the game. He is such a good guy! Even after his computer incident at Florida..we won't go there :) Did you know that in August, before Cam was well known, he started volunteering on Mondays at an Auburn elementary school to help 5th grade boys who aren't doing well in classes and to be a mentor to them? He hasn't missed a Monday since then. He even took Aubie with him one day! That's something right there!

Enjoy the pics from this past Saturday!

Brittany and I rode to Auburn together and on the way back...we got pulled over for going 85 in a 75..her cruise was on 80 :( She was sad.

Do you see the cop car with his lights on??



Happy 1 Year Blogiversary to Me!

I can't believe it has been exactly ONE year today since Southern Cinderella began! Thanks to everyone who is a follower and those who read daily and aren't followers! I never expected 5 people to read my blog, much less 192+!! Thanks ya'll!

In case your wondering if I celebrated Southern Cinderella's anniversary..I did, with a Mocha Frappe'!

Thanks for reading!

*Thanks for the sweet comments on the pumpkin carving post below also!*

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

My weekend started off with some pumpkin carving! I have been wanting to carve a pumpkin for the past few weeks and I am so excited I finally was able to with Ryan and friends! We had a double date with Courtney and Shane. We went out to dinner at a local mexican restauraunt and then went to Courtney's for pumpkin carving! This was Courtney's 1st time carving a pumpkin and Ryan's 2nd. Can you believe the 1st time Ryan carved a pumpkin was for school. Not middle school or anything..but college! He had a grade in his building class at AUBURN to carve a famous building in a pumpkin and the professors had to be able to recognize which building it was! Here's some pics from all our fun! Enjoy!
Time to gut out the pumpkins! I was the only one who got all the strings and nasty stuff out of my pumpkin. The inside had to be perfect! Smoothe sides and all!


Time to draw on our pumpkins and carve! We all drew our pumpkins free-hand.


Here's my cute little owl all lit up :)

Have any of you carved pumpkins yet? If so, what did they look like? I'd love to hear about them! Have a FABULOUS week! -Lindsay

Friday, October 22, 2010

Busy Weekend!

I have SO much to share and tell ya'll about!! The weekend is finally here and I am so excited! Ryan and I had a double date tonight and carved pumpkins! Pictures to come later! Tomorrow right after work I will be going to AUBURN for the Auburn-LSU game!! I'm super excited! Since I will be in Auburn, I won't be blogging anything this weekend, but be sure to check back Monday!

*I found this at Publix this week and made it for breakfast one morning for momma and I. Let me just say..Pillsbury knows what they are doing with this! It is so YUMMY! It would be a perfect fall treat to add apples in it too!

Have a FABULOUS weekend!



Sunday, October 17, 2010

A new week!

A new week is beginning and I can't wait to see what this week has in store for me! Sometimes the week gets so stressful and I always try to rush through the week just to get to the weekend. By doing that, I rush through life real quick! So this week, I'm going to sit back and enjoy what the this week holds.

Things I know this week will hold:
*Math Quiz
*Math Test
*Bible Study Tuesday night
*Hopefully a date night with Ryan
*AUBURN bound on Friday for the AU-LSU game :)

This past weekend I worked all day Friday and Saturday. Friday night after work Momma and I had a girls night and went to the movies :) We went to go and see "Life As We Know It" with Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel!
This movie was SO good! Momma and I laughed the entire time! I may or may not have even teared up at one part...and I honestly NEVER tear up or cry in movies! It was such a good movie! I highly recommend going and seeing it! I know Mom and I are buying it when it comes out on DVD..its that cute!

Saturday, I worked all day and couldn't watch the Auburn - Arkansas game, but when I got home I heard all about it!! All I have to say is....
Ryan came over and we watched the Alabama game with momma. Chloe is pretty much in love with Ryan. The only guy Chloe goes to or even lets him hold her is my Paw-Paw. Chloe doesn't even let my dad hold her..crazy! But look at this.....
Sunday, I went to Sunday School and then dropped Chloe off at my grandparents to stay with their dog Becca! They played together while Momma and I went to my grandparents church for "Homecoming". After that, the family went back to my grandparents house for a nice afternoon together. Chloe enjoyed being outside and enjoyed rolling around being a dog.

When we got back home, Chloe had a bath her teeth brushed and she is now sleeping and has a pretty blue bow in her hair :) I just love my sweet Chloe!

I hope everyone has had a great weekend and don't forget to be excited about what this week will hold for you and just sit back and relax!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Grand Opening!

The Grand Opening of this AWESOME place occured last week and I went for the 1st time tonight! O how I just LOVE Publix :)
It was still a little crowded at Publix, but I didn't mind at all. I went up and down every aisle :) The bakery and deli was my favorite! Earlier today I decided that I wanted to bake something when I got home, I was in the mood for something sweet! A girl that works with me said I should make some Confetti Sugar Cookies to take to work tomorrow, so I got some ingredients and came home to make them. They are super yummy!! I have already eaten 2 :)
I used this from good ol' Betty.


Question: What's your favorite cookie?

Have a FABULOUS weekend!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My name is Lindsay and I'm a...


I got a new phone! Yippee! I have been needing a new one for a long while. I have had the worst times with Blackberry's and Envy' I got a Droid Incredible :)

So far, I am loving it! I thought it would take a long time to get used to the touchscreen panel, but so far, it's working out for me! I am loving all the apps too! I know have Skype, Facebook, blogger, games, Barcode Scanner, tons of other cool stuff too! Do any of you have a Droid? Any cool apps you think I should get?

*I have a Microeconomics test today, wish me luck!*

Have a fabulous day!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekend Recap

Weekends are always so much fun! This weekend is a 4-day weekend for most people, but NOT for me :( I still have classes on Columbus Day. My weekend was fun, busy, and went by way to fast!! Did anyone else's weekend go by too fast?

Friday- I worked all day Friday and then met up with Momma for some dinner before she had to work a 12-hour shift. We were able to talk for a little bit and then she left for work and I went home to do a little homework and play with sweet Chloe. I also decided to go to Ryan's later that night.

Saturday-I worked all day again, and listened to customers talk about how Alabama's defense didn't function properly and LOST against South Carolina...who Auburn beat 2 weeks ago :) I know that is a sore subject for Alabama Crimson Tide fans, sorry! AUBURN won against Kentucky in the last few minutes by a field goal :) WAR EAGLE! Saturday after work, I went to my Sunday School teachers (husband and wife) house for "Dinner and A Movie"! We are starting a new study about we watch these movies and point out where God is in them, they talk about God, etc. We are doing this maybe once a month on a Saturday night and then Sunday's lesson is on the movie. We had a southern homemade meal and it was yummy! Fried Chicken, potato salad, green bean casserole, and homemade rolls :) Yum! We talked for awhile and were all entertained by baby "Court" who will be 2 yrs. old in January. Court is my sunday school teachers baby.He is super cute and SUPER smart! He already knows his colors and sign language and many words on flashcards! Last night he read a word for the first time!!! She showed him a flashcard that JUST said "Elephant"..NO picture on it or anything and he did his elephant noise and motion!! Too cool!

After Court went to bed we all had popcorn and candy during our movie! We watched"Signs" with Mel Gibson and Joaquinn Phoenix.
Yes, I know this isn't a Godly movie and that ALIENS ARENT REAL but we were taught that everything happens for a reason, and if you were in the situation Mel Gibson was in, how he lost his wife, almost lost his son, and had aliens invading his home and far would your FAITH in God go? Would you even think that God has a purpose for everything that happens? Mel was a pastor in the movie who decided to hate God after the death of his wife. Mel quit believing in God after that and decided that prayer didn't work. All because of the question "Why do bad things happens to good people?" This is a question everyone asks at one point in time, but you have to realize that GOD HAS A PURPOSE FOR EVERTHING! He plans everything for a REASON. He tests our faith along the way and we must never stray away from prayer. Prayer is a very powerful thing!!

Before the movie we decided to make the tin foil hats just like the kids wore in the know the aliens wouldn't read our minds. Please note that we don't believe in Aliens...I hope you don't either :)
*Sorry about the awful quality of this pic, it was taken with my phone..and sorry Momma for not making sure my shoulders were back in this pic..I know you are going to say something about that.*

Sunday-I woke up and went to Sunday School and then I went to my grandparent's church for "Big Church". My paw-paw is a preacher at a little country church :) I decided that I was in desperate need of something to drink for the 25 minute I went to McDonald's for a Mocha Frappe' :) It was delicious! It is also Monopoly time at McD's, and I peeled off the game pieces on my frappe' and I won a free Medium Fry :) Yay! Go me!
After church with my grandparents, I went to their house to eat lunch with them :) It was a good afternoon spending time with my Me-Maw and Paw-Paw :) Now I am going to do some homework and studying for a test I have this week! My aunt and cousin are coming to stay with us tonight from T-Town for a 1 night visit! I'm so excited!

I hope everyone has a FABULOUS week!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Date Night!

Last night Ryan and I had a date night! Ryan picked me up after work and ate at a Dothan favorite, The Blue Plate restauraunt. SO YUMMY! I had the chicken salad sandwich and Ryan had beef tips and mashed potatoes! After dinner we went to the movies to see WallStreet:Money Never Sleeps.

We have been wanting to see this for awhile now. It was really good, especially if you like stock stuff :) After the movie we met up with some friends!

**The top I'm wearing is one I bought from Francesca's at the beach**

Have a fabulous weekend! I'm off to get a Mocha Frappe and do some homework..


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Weekend Beach Trip

This past weekend I enjoyed a beach trip to Florida. I went and worked with my boss on Saturday at an event down at Seaside. Of course, there was more play than work :) Here's some pics of the weekend. I am also putting another picture of the awesome house we stayed in :)

Friday night, Ryan and I arrived at the beach. We stopped at the outlets before they closed, and we were the ones who shut-down the Polo Outlet :) After some shopping, we went to Carrabba's Italian Grill for some dinner. It was SO yummy! I had the Manicotti and Chicken Soup and Ryan had the Lasagna and Caesar Salad. They brought us some Shrimp and Scallops...that weren't ours. We looked at each other kind of confused, then 5 seconds later the waitress realized they weren't ours..but since they were already in front of us..we had to eat them :) So we got free shrimp and scallops :) They were delicious too! The whole meal was!

After dinner, we went to the amazing beach house and stayed up talking with the others who were there. Amie and I had to wake up SUPER early Saturday morning to work...needless to say we both got like 30 minutes of sleep! This is Amie with her breakfast at 4:00 am!! We split a triple chocolate cupcake from an awesome cupcake bakery! Diet Coke was also in the breakfast meal plan! She is going to shoot me for posting this...but o well :)

After working on Saturday, we got ready for Saturday evening. The guys cooked most of the dinner for us ladies :) It was an AWESOME meal! We went to the Shrimp place and got FRESH SHRIMP :) Shrimper's Seafood Mart is amazing! It's located in Santa Rosa Beach and they cook your seafood for you in minutes..ready for you to take home!
They are also WELL-KNOWN for their Key Lime pie!

Getting dinner ready was half the fun! Ryan was the grill master for the evening and cooked everyones steaks to their liking and also grilled the Vegetable Kabobs!! He did a great job!

"Mitch" wanted his CORN really CLEAN...NO HAIRS! So how do you do that?..a toothbrush of course!

Here's a pic of sweet "D" and me!! Sweet "D" wanted to take pics, so he took a pic of Ryan and I.
Here's some more pics of the Beach House! It is for sale if anyone wants to buy it! $2.8 million, any takers?

Sunday after our morning walk on the beach, we went to Destin for more shopping and lunch :) Ryan and I ate at Red Brick Pizza and split a pizza...we ate it ALL!! He was proud of me for eating all of my half :) I will show you later this week some items I bought in Destin! On the way home, I just HAD to have a Mocha Frappe' :) Perfect ending to a fabulous weekend!