Friday, October 22, 2010

Busy Weekend!

I have SO much to share and tell ya'll about!! The weekend is finally here and I am so excited! Ryan and I had a double date tonight and carved pumpkins! Pictures to come later! Tomorrow right after work I will be going to AUBURN for the Auburn-LSU game!! I'm super excited! Since I will be in Auburn, I won't be blogging anything this weekend, but be sure to check back Monday!

*I found this at Publix this week and made it for breakfast one morning for momma and I. Let me just say..Pillsbury knows what they are doing with this! It is so YUMMY! It would be a perfect fall treat to add apples in it too!

Have a FABULOUS weekend!




  1. Oh gosh that is the best! You also need to try Betty Crocker's cinnamon streusel's a Cinnabun recipe and takes just like one of their yummy cinnamon rolls! Don't you just love Publix? Being a Gator, I'm far from a War Eagle fan, but I do hope y'all whoop some LSU bootay! Have fun!

  2. Have a wonderful weekend girl!

  3. yumm I love the Quick Breads- the pumpkin is so good!