Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Weekend Beach Trip

This past weekend I enjoyed a beach trip to Florida. I went and worked with my boss on Saturday at an event down at Seaside. Of course, there was more play than work :) Here's some pics of the weekend. I am also putting another picture of the awesome house we stayed in :)

Friday night, Ryan and I arrived at the beach. We stopped at the outlets before they closed, and we were the ones who shut-down the Polo Outlet :) After some shopping, we went to Carrabba's Italian Grill for some dinner. It was SO yummy! I had the Manicotti and Chicken Soup and Ryan had the Lasagna and Caesar Salad. They brought us some Shrimp and Scallops...that weren't ours. We looked at each other kind of confused, then 5 seconds later the waitress realized they weren't ours..but since they were already in front of us..we had to eat them :) So we got free shrimp and scallops :) They were delicious too! The whole meal was!

After dinner, we went to the amazing beach house and stayed up talking with the others who were there. Amie and I had to wake up SUPER early Saturday morning to work...needless to say we both got like 30 minutes of sleep! This is Amie with her breakfast at 4:00 am!! We split a triple chocolate cupcake from an awesome cupcake bakery! Diet Coke was also in the breakfast meal plan! She is going to shoot me for posting this...but o well :)

After working on Saturday, we got ready for Saturday evening. The guys cooked most of the dinner for us ladies :) It was an AWESOME meal! We went to the Shrimp place and got FRESH SHRIMP :) Shrimper's Seafood Mart is amazing! It's located in Santa Rosa Beach and they cook your seafood for you in minutes..ready for you to take home!
They are also WELL-KNOWN for their Key Lime pie!

Getting dinner ready was half the fun! Ryan was the grill master for the evening and cooked everyones steaks to their liking and also grilled the Vegetable Kabobs!! He did a great job!

"Mitch" wanted his CORN really CLEAN...NO HAIRS! So how do you do that?..a toothbrush of course!

Here's a pic of sweet "D" and me!! Sweet "D" wanted to take pics, so he took a pic of Ryan and I.
Here's some more pics of the Beach House! It is for sale if anyone wants to buy it! $2.8 million, any takers?

Sunday after our morning walk on the beach, we went to Destin for more shopping and lunch :) Ryan and I ate at Red Brick Pizza and split a pizza...we ate it ALL!! He was proud of me for eating all of my half :) I will show you later this week some items I bought in Destin! On the way home, I just HAD to have a Mocha Frappe' :) Perfect ending to a fabulous weekend!



  1. Glad y'all had a fun time! Cute pics of you and Ryan :)

  2. So happy that you had a fun time!

  3. I love Seaside!! I'm so jealous of your beach getaway!!

  4. Love Destin! Since I grew up in Pensacola, Florida Destin was just about an hour away! Did you go to Silver Sands and Destin Commons? Great shopping and tons of even better restaurants! That beach house is Ah-mazing! But at that price don't think it's quite in the budget...haha! Cute pics of the two of you!

  5. So fun! And you are your new boy are just the cutest. :)