Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Last Day of July!

Here's my plans for today! Can't ya'll tell that I'm a little excited about my FABULOUS Erin Condren planner?!

Have a GREAT July 31st!

Monday, July 30, 2012

30-A Getaway

Last night Andy and I arrived home from a much needed getaway with friends at the beach! Thursday evening began our 3 day va-cay with twelve of our friends! We all rented a 3 story home in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Coming back to the Wiregrass and to reality this morning was NOT easy! I'd give almost anything to be back there for at least another 3 days! Friday night our 'crew' went to eat at FIRE restaurant in Santa Rosa. It was very delicious but we were there for 3.5 hours!!! Even with a reservation! The food was worth it though and so was the fellowship! I had the pot roast which was AMAZING and Andy had some kind of awesome chicken dish! We all got different desserts to try and the owner of the restaurant gave us 3 bottles of wine for free! We also met a CELEBRITY!!! We spotted this "All American Rejects" guitarist, Nick Wheeler, at 'Another Broken Egg' for breakfast but then seeing him AGAIN at dinner we knew we needed to say hello! He was SO nice and genuine! Enjoy these few pic of Andy and I and us girls with our celebrity!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pizza Party!

After hearing many people talk about making homemade pizzas, Andy and I decided to try it out last night while watching Big Brother. My boss told me about her pizza making experience from this weekend and how awesome it was! Publix sells FRESH dough balls for under $3 in a mini fridge near the deli and bakery. Let the dough "thaw" and sit out for an hour. The longer the better! I purchased Boars Head pepperoni and Mama Mary's pizza sauce packets. Three packets came to a box and 1 was the perfect amount! Guess this means we will be making another soon!! The toppings we chose were Publix mozzarella, Publix feta, pepperoni, black olives, chicken, and baby sweet peppers! 20 minutes later and we have the most amazing pizza!!! It was delicious! I encourage all of you Suzy Homemakers to try this with your kids, boyfriends, girls night, etc! It was a lot of fun!

Here's the Before and After!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday Funday

This past Sunday Andy and I joined Shane and Courtney for some fun in the sun! We had such a fun "double date" and can't wait for another lake trip!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Summer has almost come to an end and school will be starting soon, end of summer beach trips will be taking place and MAYBE cooler weather will come. July has been FLYING by and here's some things that have been happening with me lately.

*I have been teaching 2nd grade Sunday School at church

*Date nights with Andy. Do you like my new outfit he picked out from Eagle Eye Outfitters?

*Movie Dates with Momma ("Just Like Us" is really good!!) and watching the new season of BIG BROTHER! Who else I watching this?

*I've been using my new ERIN CONDREN planner like crazy!...and the app Instagram. It's amazing!

*A sweet client brought Ashley and I some new CFA cookies today... DELICIOUS!! Please walk...wait, go RUN to get one ASAP

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Almost 6..

Guess who has a birthday this Saturday? My precious Chloe-Elizabeth!

Friday, July 13, 2012

New Hobby

Hello lovelies and Happy Friday! Words can not express how excited I am that the weekend is finally here! I'm sure y'all tend to agree as well. I have a new hobby thanks to my handsome and quite fabulous boyfriend who spoils me like crazy! Andy had to "re-teach" me how to RIDE A BIKE. Yes, I am 22 years of age and haven't ridden a bicycle since the 4th grade! I had a somewhat bad experience with the bike and the concrete and haven't gotten back on one since! Well, Andy was determined that I would get over my fear of bike riding and re-teach me! Since I did SUCH a great job the 1st day he treated me to my favorite summer treat.. A Coke Icee! Then, on then the next day Andy showed up at the house with THIS prize :) Andy even added a Cinderella Princess bell! How perfect! For now, we stick with riding 3 miles in his neighborhood 4 days a week! Maybe soon I will be 'Westgate' ready!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Golden Year

Today was such a hot summer day but also full of warm hugs for my grandparents as we celebrated their 50th anniversary! God is so good and I am so very thankful to have these two amazing people in my life to call my Me-maw and Paw-paw!