Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fabulous Fall Fashion Finds

Yesterday I found some FABULOUS FALL Fashions...or at least I think so :) I have been wanting a pair of flat camel color boots and Steve Madden had some that were CALLING my name! Thanks to my sweet Momma, she bought them for me! I can't wait to wear them! I bought these at Belk, if anyone else wants a pair!These are the Steve Madden "Candence" Boot in 'Cognac Leather'. $109.99

Momma also surprised me with these today from Old Navy :)

This green is a MUST-HAVE color for Fall..People Style Watch said so :)

I bought this girly pink lace top from Kohl's, I haven't been in there in forever! Click HERE to see a better pic that's not blurry! I also ordered this because Wet Seal didn't have it in the store. I also had to have the belt to wear with it :)

Have a FABULOUS day!!


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fashion Emergency...

I need YOUR help! Ya'll know how much I just LOVE Express! Well, today in the mail I recieved a $15 credit AND awesome coupons :) Which means only ONE thing....I MUST go to Express and shop! I was looking online deciding on what to purchase, and I found the following MUST-HAVE for fall items! I just need your help on which ones to choose! Which do you like or dislike? Sorry the pics are kinda blurry :( Just go to to make them bigger if you wish :)

I LOVE this Chiffon Ruffled Sweater Dress for $59.90. Black or Gray?
I just love LACE for Fall! I want this top in Ivory or a Oatmeal color, but Express only makes it in grey. It is still super cute though! It's only $39.90.

There are some other clothing items I want but can't get the pics to upload, that's what I dislike about Express :( O well!

I am thinking about getting this Oatmeal Lace top from Wet Seal, I never shop there anymore, but this is super cute! Imagine this with a wide camel belt, camel heels, and dark skinny jeans :)

What are your opinions on what I've shown you? What is something you CAN'T wait to wear for Fall 2010?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was such a great weekend! I can't believe how good it was :) It was relaxing and wonderful!
Friday- I had the day off :) Momma and I took Chloe to the groomers. She is such a pretty girl with her hot pink nail polish! Momma and I also went shopping to find an outfit for me to wear on Sunday. After some 'mocha frappes', we had NO luck until the afternoon at the LAST place we went to for a dress. Friday night was a relaxing one spent at home doing math homework and eating dinner with Momma.

Saturday- I worked all day Saturday and had to hear the Alabama-Arkansas score through customers that walked in the door. Let me just say that we had some pretty upset BAMA fans walk in the doors at halftime! Anyone see the game? I know there are plenty of bloggers from Arkansas reading this, and let me just say..I heard ya'll did great!! I hate I couldn't watch it!

After work, I drove to Ryan's house to watch the AUBURN game!! Auburn played South Carolina, and it was a very good game to watch..scary at times, but a good one. All I have to say is WAR EAGLE!

Sunday- I woke up and went to Sunday School and had an amazing lesson and I am looking forward to Bible Study on Tuesday night after work! My Sunday School class has lots of exciting things planned in the near future, and I can't wait. After church, Ryan picked me up at the house and we went to a Republican Candidate BBQ that his grandmother is in charge of and put together:)
*There were around 20 Republican candidates who are in office or either running for office who spoke at this event. It was planned to be outside at the park, but because of the rain it was moved to the civic center. Thankfully, it was moved there just in time! It poured all afternoon!! Alabama has needed the wonderful rain we recieved today :)

*Some candidates that spoke were Dr.Bentley for Governor, Kay Ivey for Lt. Governor, Young Boozer for Treasurer, Martha Roby U.S. Congress, and MANY more.
After meeting his family and meeting the candidates, we enjoyed the afternoon/evening watching a little bit of Sunday football and eating dinner with my momma and playing a hand of Phase 10.
I hope everyone has a great week this week! I am SO ready for a beach trip this weekend :) Also, cooler weather will be in Alabama this least that's what the weather man says!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Under The Big Top!

Last night 'R' and I went on another date :) We have been on numerous dates since the blind date! We have been on fun dates, family dates, and last night we went on a date "Under The Big Top". The towns we live in are fairly small and you feel as if you do the same things over and over again, so 'R' wanted to do something different, so he got us some VIP tickets to the CIRCUS!! We felt like kids again! (I'm almost 21 and he's 24) The animals were super fun to watch and so were the acrobat/trapeze artists! Here's some pics of our night! My camera died midway through, and it didn't want to take great pics because it was kind of dark, but these will have to do!Throughout the show, the men came around selling snacks and light sticks. I was amazed that most of the time they balanced the cotton candy, snocones, and popcorn on top of their heads!

The picture above shows 2 tigers and the fire hoops they jumped through :) It was so neat watching all of the animals! Some cute doggies were also in the circus acts. This one dog in particular rode the back of a small pony, and played with it's mane, like play biting it like a soft toy, it was just too funny! 3 dirt bikes did tricks in this 1 big metal ball at the same time!!! It was crazy, i could hardly watch i was so scared for them! One girl in there riding was ONLY 11YEARS OLD!!!! That's crazy!!

I wanted some PINK cotton candy after the show, but when it was over with they didn't sell it anymore :( I was a little saddened, but 'R' said we would go to Sonic for a Snicker's/Butterfinger blast in it's place :)

**In case anyone wants to know, things have gone really well with "R" and I. We have met the parents and had some great times with that being said, "R" and I have decided to take the next now we are "OFFICIAL" and boyfriend/girlfriend. Yay! You know it's official once it's on FACEBOOK!**

Today I will be shopping for an outfit to wear to "R''s grandmother's "Campaign BBQ In the Park" on Sunday at 1. I will be meeting the rest of his family then...ANY IDEAS ON WHAT TO WEAR?? It's still like 90 degrees here...and this event is outside!

Happy Weekend!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mobile Trip

This Sunday Momma and I decided to drive to Mobile to visit Kyle and Rebecca! They were just as excited as we were! We decided to take Chloe too! Chloe did not want to sit still during the 3 hour trip there and back, but she finally layed down and snoozed :) We arrived at their house and dropped Chloe off with Magnum and Stevie, I'm sure they had a fun play date! The four of us drove through downtown Mobile and went to eat lunch at "A Spot of Tea". They were recently featured in Southern Living magazine and this is also a place that Kyle and Rebecca eat at weekly! It is such a cute restaurant. You can choose to eat outside or inside, and the food was delicious! They had like 15 SWEET TEA flavors!! I had the Strawberry Sweet Tea and YA'LL, IT WAS AMAZING!!!! So yummy! I had the chicken salad croissant with hashbrowns (they are well-known for these)

*Here I am holding sweet Stevie :)
After lunch, we all went to Spanish Fort/Daphne to do some shopping at a newly built outside mall. They had a lot of cute shops and stores that I had never seen store that I had a little too much fun in was CHARMING CHARLIE. Remember the post last year about the one in Tuscaloosa? My brother was so sweet to carry my bags. We enjoyed walking, talking, Coke Icee's, Mocha Frappes, and shopping :)

At Charming Charlie I bought a few necklaces thatI could layer with :) and also I bought momma a pair of clip-on earrings, they had a wide selection! She has to wear clips :(
After an afternoon of fun, we worked up ANOTHER appetite! In the SOUTH we just love our food! We decided on NEWK'S before heading back home. I however, just opted for "breadsticks", basically just ate crackers. I was still stuffed from lunch! Mom had a Greek salad and forgot to specify half, so they came with a HUGE one! I helped eat the feta and black olives :) Kyle had the Crab and Lobster Bisque, Rebecca had soup and a half sandwich.
Yes, my brother decided to act silly for the camera. He's a goof!

I hope everyone has had a great weekend!!
**I decided on the GREY Big Buddah purse from posts previous :)**Thanks for all the comments that you left! I have enjoyed the grey very much so far!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ready for Fall!

I am just so excited about fall being right around the corner! I have already started picking out new fall outfits and accessories online that I can't wait to wear this year! I've even spotted a few pairs of must have shoes for fall :) My momma has already started decorating the house for fall too! We have lit the Pumkin Spice candles and we have the B&BW candy apple hand soap in the kitchen and bathrooms. I will post pics later once I charge my camera... :)

Some Fall magazines have been purchased and recipes have been tested..and they are yummy!
We are also ready around here for FOOTBALL!!! WAR EAGLE!! I made the door hanger for our front door to football season. What do you think?

Have a FABULOUS week!!!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Decisions Decisions..

I NEED a black purse for Fall super bad! I went to Bid Buddah's website and found this lovely handbag! I can always find a new purse there!
..but I also found it in Grey, and now I'm confused! Black or Grey?!? Help me out and give me your input please!
Have a MARVELOUS Monday!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Weekend

My weekend has been WONDERFUL....unil I woke up Saturday morning. I have been taking this for the past 2 days...I wish it would work FASTER!! Is that too much to ask? I mean, I really don't want to have to go to the doctor...I hope everyone else is feeling fabulous :)


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lake Martin Concert

This past Sunday night some friends and I attended the Labor Day concert at the Lake Martin Ampitheatre. Each year "Sister Hazel" usually plays, but this year they decided to have "Benjy Davis Project", "Shooter Jennings", and "Corey Smith". I had such a blast!!! Enjoy the following pictures.

We were a little rushed to get ready in order to get to the concert on time..we still had the 45 minute drive from Auburn to Alex City. While, riding to the Alex City...Courtney mentioned she forgot to put on deodorant..SO DID I!!! We made her boyfriend go to a gas station and go in and get us some deodorant :) With 90 degree heat and dancing at the stage at a concert...we needed some.

Well, I knew that I might get a rash on my armpit once he brought the "Degree" in the car, because I have to use Dove Sensitive Skin deo or else I break out...Like 5 years ago, it took 2 weeks to make me realize what was making me break out....anyways...I now have a rash under my 'pitts'...Fabulous isn't it? :) At least I didn't sweat at the concert ;)

Have A GREAT weekend!!!