Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chloe Cuteness!

In case anyone has been wondering about sweet's what she has been up too lately!

*Chloe had some spend the night company, and it was a BOY!! Sweet Bruiser spent the night with us, but he was NOT allowed to sleep in the bed with Chloe..he thought Chloe was a super babe...let's just leave it at that.
*Chloe has WAY TOO many toys! My momma(Chloe's Cha Cha) has washed all her toys and we are currently going through them to decide which ones to keep and which ones to give away to my me-maw's friend's 5 doggies who don't have many toys. So far, Chloe understands she needs to share :)
*Chloe has eaten very well. Her "G-Daddy" (my dad) brought her a plain cheeseburger from McD's for lunch this past week and she just loved it! I may or may not have given her 2 french fries as well ;)

*I am currently deciding on which one of these FABULOUS doggy collars I should buy Chloe. They are super cute and ONLY $10 on etsy! Which do you think?

Chloe says Have a great day!



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  2. Chloe is doggone (I had to..haha) ADORABLE!! LOVED the comment about not being able to sleep in the same bed with Bruiser! Tooo funny! I love the flower collar :)