Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mobile Trip

This Sunday Momma and I decided to drive to Mobile to visit Kyle and Rebecca! They were just as excited as we were! We decided to take Chloe too! Chloe did not want to sit still during the 3 hour trip there and back, but she finally layed down and snoozed :) We arrived at their house and dropped Chloe off with Magnum and Stevie, I'm sure they had a fun play date! The four of us drove through downtown Mobile and went to eat lunch at "A Spot of Tea". They were recently featured in Southern Living magazine and this is also a place that Kyle and Rebecca eat at weekly! It is such a cute restaurant. You can choose to eat outside or inside, and the food was delicious! They had like 15 SWEET TEA flavors!! I had the Strawberry Sweet Tea and YA'LL, IT WAS AMAZING!!!! So yummy! I had the chicken salad croissant with hashbrowns (they are well-known for these)

*Here I am holding sweet Stevie :)
After lunch, we all went to Spanish Fort/Daphne to do some shopping at a newly built outside mall. They had a lot of cute shops and stores that I had never seen before..one store that I had a little too much fun in was CHARMING CHARLIE. Remember the post last year about the one in Tuscaloosa? My brother was so sweet to carry my bags. We enjoyed walking, talking, Coke Icee's, Mocha Frappes, and shopping :)

At Charming Charlie I bought a few necklaces thatI could layer with :) and also I bought momma a pair of clip-on earrings, they had a wide selection! She has to wear clips :(
After an afternoon of fun, we worked up ANOTHER appetite! In the SOUTH we just love our food! We decided on NEWK'S before heading back home. I however, just opted for "breadsticks", basically just ate crackers. I was still stuffed from lunch! Mom had a Greek salad and forgot to specify half, so they came with a HUGE one! I helped eat the feta and black olives :) Kyle had the Crab and Lobster Bisque, Rebecca had soup and a half sandwich.
Yes, my brother decided to act silly for the camera. He's a goof!

I hope everyone has had a great weekend!!
**I decided on the GREY Big Buddah purse from posts previous :)**Thanks for all the comments that you left! I have enjoyed the grey very much so far!


  1. Aww it looks like you had a blast! Next time I'm in Mobile I'm definitely going to have to visit all these tasty restaurants! Especially the strawberry sweet tea! Yumm :)

  2. Looks like y'all had a great time! Your mom's Greek salad looks delicious!

  3. Oh my gosh! I live in Mobile! So neat to see you hitting all these local spots! I just love the Eastern Shore too. That's where we go for all our shopping. Did you make it to the Eastern Shore Center or just the new outdoor shops in Spanish Fort? Eastern Shore Center has PB, Ann Taylor, and lots of other fun shops! Anyway, glad you had fun! Small small world!

  4. What a great day! Love your blog and love learning more about life in the south. Food seems amazing! Oh...love your grey bag choice.

  5. That looks like a really fun weekend! And your brother looks hilarious, like there is never a dull moment! haha