Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fashion Emergency...

I need YOUR help! Ya'll know how much I just LOVE Express! Well, today in the mail I recieved a $15 credit AND awesome coupons :) Which means only ONE thing....I MUST go to Express and shop! I was looking online deciding on what to purchase, and I found the following MUST-HAVE for fall items! I just need your help on which ones to choose! Which do you like or dislike? Sorry the pics are kinda blurry :( Just go to to make them bigger if you wish :)

I LOVE this Chiffon Ruffled Sweater Dress for $59.90. Black or Gray?
I just love LACE for Fall! I want this top in Ivory or a Oatmeal color, but Express only makes it in grey. It is still super cute though! It's only $39.90.

There are some other clothing items I want but can't get the pics to upload, that's what I dislike about Express :( O well!

I am thinking about getting this Oatmeal Lace top from Wet Seal, I never shop there anymore, but this is super cute! Imagine this with a wide camel belt, camel heels, and dark skinny jeans :)

What are your opinions on what I've shown you? What is something you CAN'T wait to wear for Fall 2010?


  1. I really like the lace tops. It seems like everything is in gray this year. I guess its going to be a popular color. I really like the cream color but it seems to make me look so washed out once I lose my summer tan.

  2. love love love the chiffon ruffle dress! i always choose black so that's my choice!!! haha

  3. I am obsessed with EXPRESS too. I guess I kind of have to be since it was my first credit card I opened up and I constantly get coupons and birthday deals in the mail (I GUESS in return they're good to us haha)ANyhooo- I have been eyeing that first dress up there, love the ruffles...I am partial to the grey myself....I think the black one might not show the ruffles and be as feminine, you think? Might look a little edgy? Tell us what you decide on!

  4. Express is my fave store, too!

    Love the ruffle dress, black would be great because you could add all sorts of shoes and accessories to mix it up each time you wear it ~ what I love most about the LBD!