Thursday, February 23, 2017

Tails of Magpie

I took the ol' beaten path AWAY from the blog months ago. I hope I'm here to stay this time! 😉 Since its been so long let me introduce you to "Mags" or "Magnum" or you can call him "Maaa-mum" like Brooks does! 
Whichever you choose to call him, he's our sweet toy poodle. Now he hasn't always been ours, we adopted him from my brother and sister in law who recently moved 10 hours away! 
You may remember seeing pics of Mags from YEARS ago on my blog! He is 10-1/2 years can tell from his gray chin! Mags has traveled the world.. He lived in England for a year and loved the farm animals! We were all so worried how he would to travel across the pond as precious cargo but he did great!
This past week at Brooks' "school" or "mothers morning out" has been Pet Week. They've practiced Animal Yoga, (which Brooks is a pro at thanks to Lion Guard commercials on Disney Jr.) make pet crafts, and even had special pet visitors! Well today Mags got to go meet Brooks' class! Brooks ate it up and was shocked to see him when I walked in! I made sure I brought lots of treats so Mags would show off his cool tricks. Mags was spoiled with all the hugs and back rubs he received. 

Sad news.. We have had to find Mags a new home since Mary-Hollis is on her way! Our house is just a little too small for a precious dog and two young kids! But guess what?! My sweet momma is taking him!! He loves his Cha-Cha's house and the acre of backyard he gets to run in! My heart is so happy that we still get our Magpie snuggles anytime we want! Pets are more than animals.. They are FAMILY!   They should always be close to the ones who "raised them"! 


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Thinking Pink.

Let me start off by saying THANK YOU!! I received so many private messages about yesterday's post filled with helpful tips and advice for the whole "mommyin' with two" thing! Y'all are awesome!

I'm so excited about Mary-Hollis' nursery! There's just something super special about creating a new space to bring your baby home to. Her custom bedding has officially been ordered... This will be the longest 4-6 weeks! Here's a sneak peek of the fabric 💗
..and a canvas with the perfect verse! I plan on creating a gallery wall with this. The picture quality is bad, you can't tell the wording is gold foil 😍
Not only are we creating a sweet and loving nursery for our baby girl but ALSO turning the playroom into Brooks' BIG BOY room!! I don't know if I'm ready for that just yet! Any tips on transitioning toddlers from crib to toddler bed is GREATLY appreciated. (Like how in the world do you get your littles to stay in the bed and not get out to play?!)

Here's my halfway bump taken 2 weeks ago! 


Monday, February 20, 2017

..and then there were FOUR!

We are so excited to announce that we will be welcoming a sweet baby girl in June!! 
I'm in total "PINK MODE" just thinking about all the fun, girly, sassy, and southern wardrobe Mary-Hollis will have! 

**Dear Jesus,
Please, Please, PLEASE help make Mary-Hollis a HairBow lovin' girl!**

My momma was the "gender keeper" for a day and her first purchase she bought (after laughing/crying in the car when she opened the envelope because she was convinced it was another boy..) was this adorable Kissy Kissy gown I had picked out the week before when we were out "looking". How adorable is this floral trellis gown?! 
Here we go with some questions for all y'all mommas of two kiddos! *Brooks and Mary-Hollis will be exactly 2 years apart ❤️

1. Do I need or will I use a double stroller? I LOVE my "all terrain wheels" on our single jogger but I really wish Graco Click connect made a double with the same 3 tires. I hear a lot about BOB strollers... But We don't want to spend that much money on one! 

*this is the one I'm thinking about (we can still use Brooks' infant seat for MH)

Graco Ready 2 Grow Click Connect double stroller

2. With your second child did you pump or supplement any? Was this hard with your first demanding attention while pumping or breastfeeding? *im hoping to breastfeed/pump exclusively for at least the first 3 months if not longer! *Brooks was exclusively breastfed for the first six months before we introduced baby food with the exception of supplementing the first 2 weeks. 

3. If you did supplement with formula or use formula.. How likely would you recommend a Baby Breeza? 

4. How did you get your young toddler (18m old) to get ready for the new baby? 
Brooks has this book already by Joanna Cole and we have also been practicing burping, kissing, hugging, and rocking our "baby" Goofy and Donald Duck 😂

Thanks so much for all and ANY advice or input! Y'all are the best!


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Chicka Chicka Brooks!

A fun day was had by all celebrating Brooks' First Birthday! The theme was the book "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom". I know my child is only one but I promise you, that is his favorite book. We memorized it when Brooks was just a couple months old and would read it every day, and he LOVED it! 

Thank you to HeatherBandCo on Etsy for designing custom invitations, thank you tags and thank you cards! Cake, cupcakes, and cookies were made by the FlourSack Bakery. A HUGE thanks to my fabulous mom for all her hard work that she put into this party! 


Sunday, August 21, 2016

First Birthday

I still can't believe that my sweet baby boy is ONE! I'm excited to FINALLY share some pictures of his big day! 

Starting with the night before in his birthday pajamas!
Then his birthday!!!

Brooks was excited his special day fell on trash day, so watching the trash trucks in his new tricycle was just fantastic!
Birthday snacks all packed up for the day!
First carousel ride!

Birthday dinner at his favorite Mexican restaurant!

Next up..the party!

Happy 1st Birthday!

Y'all, I can't believe in just a few minutes my sweet baby boy will be ONE!
 I just rocked him to sleep for the last time as a "baby". Brooks will always be my baby!
We have a full day of BIRTHDAY FUN planned tomorrow, we've actually been celebrating all week! 😉🎉

I'm IN LOVE with Brooks' One Year session with TarynRosePhotography! She did a great job capturing out sweet Brooksie baby!

We are so thankful for you sweet boy! You make us laugh, you make us smile, you make us so proud! YOU are our everything! 

Saturday, April 9, 2016

April already?!

I can't believe it's April already y'all! This year is flying by and so are the precious moments with our sweet baby boy! 
Brooks will be 9 months old this week, it just doesn't seem real. He has 6 teeth and is enjoying using his "pincher/pointer" fingers to grab food and to point (especially to eyes and mouths).
He tried "smushy" carrots for the first time yesterday and loved them! He's had puréed carrots but did NOT enjoy them near as much! 

He LOVES being outside!! The weather has been perfect this week!

I do have some sad news though and ask for your prayers for the family of a sweet friend Brittany. 
Brittany fought a courageous and strong battle with Ovarian cancer and yesterday God called her home. She found out 5 weeks after her wedding that she had cancer and her husband Brandon has been the best husband caring for her and loving her until the very end! For we don't know Gods plans for our lives and we won't always understand why he plans it the way he does, but I do know that His plans are perfect. Brittany was so full of life and such a remarkable woman, please help me cover her family and friends in prayer as they begin an earthly journey without her here. I know we will see her beautiful smile and hear her laugh again one day soon!