Monday, February 20, 2017

..and then there were FOUR!

We are so excited to announce that we will be welcoming a sweet baby girl in June!! 
I'm in total "PINK MODE" just thinking about all the fun, girly, sassy, and southern wardrobe Mary-Hollis will have! 

**Dear Jesus,
Please, Please, PLEASE help make Mary-Hollis a HairBow lovin' girl!**

My momma was the "gender keeper" for a day and her first purchase she bought (after laughing/crying in the car when she opened the envelope because she was convinced it was another boy..) was this adorable Kissy Kissy gown I had picked out the week before when we were out "looking". How adorable is this floral trellis gown?! 
Here we go with some questions for all y'all mommas of two kiddos! *Brooks and Mary-Hollis will be exactly 2 years apart ❤️

1. Do I need or will I use a double stroller? I LOVE my "all terrain wheels" on our single jogger but I really wish Graco Click connect made a double with the same 3 tires. I hear a lot about BOB strollers... But We don't want to spend that much money on one! 

*this is the one I'm thinking about (we can still use Brooks' infant seat for MH)

Graco Ready 2 Grow Click Connect double stroller

2. With your second child did you pump or supplement any? Was this hard with your first demanding attention while pumping or breastfeeding? *im hoping to breastfeed/pump exclusively for at least the first 3 months if not longer! *Brooks was exclusively breastfed for the first six months before we introduced baby food with the exception of supplementing the first 2 weeks. 

3. If you did supplement with formula or use formula.. How likely would you recommend a Baby Breeza? 

4. How did you get your young toddler (18m old) to get ready for the new baby? 
Brooks has this book already by Joanna Cole and we have also been practicing burping, kissing, hugging, and rocking our "baby" Goofy and Donald Duck 😂

Thanks so much for all and ANY advice or input! Y'all are the best!


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  1. Congratulations! I only have one daughter so I can't help with any of your questions. I have a City Select stroller though and it can change easily between a single and a double.