Thursday, February 23, 2017

Tails of Magpie

I took the ol' beaten path AWAY from the blog months ago. I hope I'm here to stay this time! 😉 Since its been so long let me introduce you to "Mags" or "Magnum" or you can call him "Maaa-mum" like Brooks does! 
Whichever you choose to call him, he's our sweet toy poodle. Now he hasn't always been ours, we adopted him from my brother and sister in law who recently moved 10 hours away! 
You may remember seeing pics of Mags from YEARS ago on my blog! He is 10-1/2 years can tell from his gray chin! Mags has traveled the world.. He lived in England for a year and loved the farm animals! We were all so worried how he would to travel across the pond as precious cargo but he did great!
This past week at Brooks' "school" or "mothers morning out" has been Pet Week. They've practiced Animal Yoga, (which Brooks is a pro at thanks to Lion Guard commercials on Disney Jr.) make pet crafts, and even had special pet visitors! Well today Mags got to go meet Brooks' class! Brooks ate it up and was shocked to see him when I walked in! I made sure I brought lots of treats so Mags would show off his cool tricks. Mags was spoiled with all the hugs and back rubs he received. 

Sad news.. We have had to find Mags a new home since Mary-Hollis is on her way! Our house is just a little too small for a precious dog and two young kids! But guess what?! My sweet momma is taking him!! He loves his Cha-Cha's house and the acre of backyard he gets to run in! My heart is so happy that we still get our Magpie snuggles anytime we want! Pets are more than animals.. They are FAMILY!   They should always be close to the ones who "raised them"! 


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