Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Friday, August 17, 2012

Look who's HOME!

Kyle and Rebecca were brought home last weekend from Atlanta by their super fabulous sister (which is ME!) and Andy :) Since they are back in the good old' U.S. of A for good, the puppies came too!!

The four of us did some shopping in Atlanta last Saturday and ANDY got something from Tiffany's and I walked out empty-handed. How does that happen? I bought Andy some Tiffany for Men Sport cologne to celebrate the 5 months since God placed us in each others life (for the 2nd time-we had a class together 3 years ago but didn't speak to each other. Lol) Andy let me have a shopping spree in Forever 21 where I shopped till' I dropped and came home with 2 sweaters, lace top, coral lace skirt, chevron sequin clutch, 2 rings, baby blue ombre' statement necklace, and earrings :) here's a pic of one of my ring :)

Also a pic of our ride home is included :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Beach Dinners

Happy Tuesday everyone! It's a rainy and dreary day in south Alabama today. Looking out of the huge glass window staring at it really makes me wish I could go back to sleep!

Before Kyle and Rebecca come home this weekend I figured I'd share a few more pics from our beach trip! Saturday night's dinner was at Cafe' ThirtyA. I can NOT wait to go back!!!! It was so yummy! I had a spinach and crab pizza and WOW, it was amazing. Andy and I shared the salmon and crab appetizer and of course we all shared with friends! We all loved trying a bite of everything! After dinner we went to Bud &Alley's in Seaside for some drinks :)

Sunday night before heading home we ate at Stinky's. The atmosphere at Stinky's was family friendly and they had a second building with a bar and they served appetizers which was a BRILLIANT idea if you ask me because it was perfect for our 1.5 hour wait! There I ordered the BEST macaroni and cheese and some Kicking' Shrimp! Laura had some HUGE crab legs!!!! I didn't order much for dinner because I was still SO full from the Brisket BBQ nachos I had for lunch in Seaside. Baked beans on nachos is amazing... Who would've thought? Whitney and Hunter joined us for BBQ and Whitney had chicken nachos.

Enjoy these food pics and I'm sure they will be in a random order because I'm using the Blogger App on my phone and it always acts crazy!

Counting Down

Only 4 more days until we are reunited! I love and miss my brother and sister-in-law so much!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Smiling Fish

Last Saturday while enjoying our mini va-cay with friends we enjoyedlunch at the Smiling Fish Cafe! The food was really yummy and we enjoyed sitting outside! I had a turkey and provolone wrap with a homemade honey mustard sauce and fresh pasta salad! The pasta salad was SO good and different than the typical.
Check it out! They are open for lunch and then reopen for dinner.