Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rob's 1st Christmas

Baby Rob is my 'nephew' or at least I like to think that! Rob's momma is a very good friend of mine. I am so very thankful for our friendship and that she lets me come see Rob and get some Rob cuddles anytime I want! Last week Sami Jo and I took baby Rob to see 'Ho-Ho' as I call him. Rob just loved pulling on his beard and just kept smiling at him! We even brought one of Rob's books for Santa to read to him! 'Ho-Ho' was at a cute little children's boutique during a store wide sale, of course Rob got a couple of super cute outfits! After our Santa visit, we met our moms for dinner :) I just love girls nights and believe they are truly what helps us get through the work week! I have another girls night this week with my best friend Rebekah and am SO excited!!

Did I mention that baby Rob is also going to be Andy and I's RING BEARER!! October 26, 2013 can't get here fast enough! :)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Madison!

This afternoon Andy and I attended our flower girl, Madison, 4th birthday party! It was a lot of fun watching all the little kiddos talking and engaging in conversations with one another! They had us cracking up! Madison had a Minnie Mouse party and her momma Laura did a great job with decor, invites, etc. All the kiddos loved the 'Madison's Clubhouse' bounce house!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tacky Christmas

Last night we celebrated Christmas with tons of friends in a TACKY way! It was so nice to catch up with friends and enjoy each others company! I even scored some awesome wine glasses in Dirty Santa, I won't have to add those to the wedding registry! ;)

Have a fabulous weekend!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Circus Birthday Bash

December is a big month for my family. Not only is it Christmas but it's also the month celebrating my brothers birthday and my dads birthday! My dads birthday was on the 5th and we had a good ol' time 'under the big top'! My dad used to work in a circus after college. He worked his way up from animal truck driver to
assistant manager of the whole show! It's a northern circus called Kirk Circus! He talks about his circus days ALL the time so we just HAD to go with a circus theme! We even decorated with old pictures of him and Circus Kirk programs and memorabilia from 'back in the day'! Enjoy the pictures! I am so very blessed to have a momma who just LOVES making everyone's special day so exciting and fabulous!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tis the Season!

Happy December and Merry Christmas!! I am so thrilled that is is FINALLY cold down here! I am loving wearing infinity scarves, boots, tights, and sweater dresses! My Christmas shopping is almost complete and Christmas parties start this weekend! 4 parties in 3 days!! Whew! Andy and I have a tacky sweater party tomorrow night and need a $10 dirty Santa gift. Any ideas?! It's guys and gals. It can be a funny gift or a good gift ;) to celebrate the season we went with the family to Callaway Gardens in Georgia thirst the beginning of December. It was SO much fun! I am excited to start this new family tradition :)

Tomorrow I'm posting pics from my dads Circus themed birthday party! You don't wanna miss it!

Happy Thursday!