Friday, August 17, 2012

Look who's HOME!

Kyle and Rebecca were brought home last weekend from Atlanta by their super fabulous sister (which is ME!) and Andy :) Since they are back in the good old' U.S. of A for good, the puppies came too!!

The four of us did some shopping in Atlanta last Saturday and ANDY got something from Tiffany's and I walked out empty-handed. How does that happen? I bought Andy some Tiffany for Men Sport cologne to celebrate the 5 months since God placed us in each others life (for the 2nd time-we had a class together 3 years ago but didn't speak to each other. Lol) Andy let me have a shopping spree in Forever 21 where I shopped till' I dropped and came home with 2 sweaters, lace top, coral lace skirt, chevron sequin clutch, 2 rings, baby blue ombre' statement necklace, and earrings :) here's a pic of one of my ring :)

Also a pic of our ride home is included :)

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