Thursday, October 14, 2010

Grand Opening!

The Grand Opening of this AWESOME place occured last week and I went for the 1st time tonight! O how I just LOVE Publix :)
It was still a little crowded at Publix, but I didn't mind at all. I went up and down every aisle :) The bakery and deli was my favorite! Earlier today I decided that I wanted to bake something when I got home, I was in the mood for something sweet! A girl that works with me said I should make some Confetti Sugar Cookies to take to work tomorrow, so I got some ingredients and came home to make them. They are super yummy!! I have already eaten 2 :)
I used this from good ol' Betty.


Question: What's your favorite cookie?

Have a FABULOUS weekend!



  1. I LOVE Publix! Their sub sandwiches are the best!

    I love cookies...but I'd have to say chocolate chip is my favorite!

    Have a wonderful weeekend!

  2. Chocolate chip and peanut butter are without a doubt my favorite cookies!

    I wish Kentucky had a Publix!! :)

  3. Shortbread!!!

    Publix is the best!!!

  4. I have to agree with Jamie....the deli subs are awesome! There were Publixs'(?) all over my college town but there are none near my hometown. I'm sad...and very jealous of you!

  5. I hit up Publix in Nashville over the summer and fell in love! They had peppermint mocha coffee creamer. They could have had bare shelves otherwise and I still would have loved them.

    Oh, and in reference to your Droid post... You MUST download Angry Birds. It is basically the best game ever. Hope you're loving your Droid as much as I love mine (just got it as well!)

  6. I like any cookie you bake and I get to eat!

  7. Okay so glad to know another Publix lover! We had a million of them in Florida but sadly Mobile doesn't have a single Publix. We drive over to the Eastern Shore just to go grocery shopping or to my parents' an hour away just to hit Publix!