Tuesday, July 30, 2013

7th Birthday

My sweet fur-baby ,Chloe ,turned 7 this past week! Of course we threw her a little 'pawty'! 

When Chloe woke up she had playtime and bacon and chicken for breakfast :)

We also went to PetsMart so she could pick out her own birthday prizes!
Chloe had a cheeseburger no bun from Wendy's for lunch. (Her favorite)
Of course we had my brother and sister in law, momma, and baby Logan as guests! Our friends Darts and Summer also joined in the festivities and they won 'best present' by Chloe. She played with the colorful caterpillar the most! She also went CRAZY over these chicken strips my brother have her! So crazy, that she interrupted the birthday song by growling at puppy guest Magnum for attempting to take it away.
Of course we had cake!
The birthday book pictured above was baby Logan's party favor ;) the puppy guests received prizes also!

Happy 7th birthday to my sweet Chloe! I know you will live forever and have thousands more birthdays ;)

Happy Monday!

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