Thursday, July 11, 2013

Family Dinner

As most of y'all know, Wednesday night is family dinner night! It's a time where momma cooks for all her babies :) most of the time it's her famous chicken casserole! Here's a few pics from last nights dinner, it's more fun with baby Logan there. 

I rocked him as soon as I arrived!
Baby Logan gave me, Aunt Babe, some different faces while waiting on Uncle Andy.

Uncle Andy arrived and held sweet Logan and was so patient trying to calm him while the rest of us played a round of 'RACKO'. Mom and I tried to rescue uncle Andy from the fussy babe, but Uncle Andy wanted to 'be the man' and calm Logan by himself. And THAT he did!
Look at those sweet chubby legs and arms!! I could just eat him up! I found these on Pinterest and thought I would share.

Aunt Babe and Uncle Andy love you to pieces sweet Logan! 

Oh yea, look how pretty the fruit cups for dessert looked! Rebecca did a fabulous job :)

Have a fantastic day!
-Aunt Babe

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