Monday, July 1, 2013

Wedding Wednesday

It's Wedding Wednesday! Only 115 more days until I say "I Do" to my best friend! This past week I received our wedding present from a friend, a place setting of our Christmas dishes! I'm so excited, it definitely made it seem real that I am going to be married soon! I will be a WIFE this Christmas! I will make my HUSBAND a special Christmas morning breakfast on our fabulous and whimsical dishes! 

Anywho, I figured y'all would LOVE to see what china patterns Andy and I have picked out! Mainly me, but you get the idea :)

Our Everyday China:
-Mikasa "French Countryside"
We went and registered for this at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I was unaware that they sold Mikasa. I was glad to know that they do!
 The following are registered a local store called Northcutt's. We have another everyday set and a Christmas set here!

-Skyros Designs in "Legado"
Ours is a robins egg blue dinner plate with ivory initial salad plate and mug. I'm OBSESSED with this! I am just showing some pieces from this collection.There are platters and everything too! I even included what the ever-so-fabulous 'M' will look like :)
- M. Bagwell "Simply Christmas"
This is so fabulous and perfect for words!!

*Our Engagement Party is this weekend and this Bride-To-Be is SO excited and thankful for this celebration given by wonderful friends! Pictures next Wednesday!

Hope y'all like the dishes.
- Lindsay 

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  1. we picked Mikasa Swirl for our china. I'm being gifted a set of Christmas china :)