Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wedding Wednesday- Engagement Party

Andy and I are extremely blessed with the best family and friends. This past Saturday night our friends came and celebrated our Engagement with us at a party hosted by some of my parents friends. The rain stopped right at 7:00 but most everything was moved inside. The entire party was more than I ever imagined. We are truly blessed. Some of these photos were taken by a hostess, Mrs. Sara. I also collected some pics from my cousin Darby and friend Courtney. Thanks girls! 

The food was absolutely amazing! Appetizers were a huge hit, I wish I had a picture of that. Bruschetta, marinated cheese and crackers, and marinated olives. All the men were in charge of the grill and what a fabulous job they did!

When our guests arrived they had a cute valet escort them inside and park their car. This is Tullie, my best friends brother!

Andy and I loved mingling with our guests and enjoyed every minute of spending time with those who came out to celebrate!

Our guests were able to listen to this musician while there! He was so good! He ended up playing on the catwalk in the house since we were moved inside and it was great!

Of course my sweet Logan was there :)

The parents!

My cousin Danley! I love him!
Everyone had a ton of fun with fireworks at the end! What a lovely evening!!

My beautiful Maid of Honor and I!

Thanks to our sweet hostesses for making our Engagement party a night to remember! Thanks for all the love you've shown to Andy and I as we embark on our new journey together!

-the future Mrs. 

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