Monday, January 11, 2010


It has been very chilly here the past few days here in south Alabama! Of course it's been freezing cold everywhere else too, but I'm's NOT SUPPOSED to be this cold here!!!

I am ready for swimsuit season :) My sweet little baby Chloe is ready for swimsuit season too! Chloe loves getting dressed up! Well...sometimes! I always put the cutest outfits on her, if I do say so myself. She had the CUTEST outfit for her 3rd birthday party. (yes, i have had a doggy birthday party for my sweet Chloe each year, please don't hate :)...appreciate)

Yesterday, she was wearing her sweet little pink sweater with pink scarf that my future sister-in-law gave her last year. She was on my bed and in a very playful mood and I took her picture...she hardly ever poses when I want her too! Please excuse the static in her ears.
This morning I was getting ready for work and put on a different sweater on my cute little Chloe. She is usually fluffy, but recently got we have to have a sweater on her at all times now :) We took a picture...she decided not too be so phoogenic on this one.
I think she was just sad that I was about to go to work :( I gave her some kisses to make her feel better!
I went to work and had a fabulous day with Amie and Jenn! I saw some of my favorite customers today. Hey Aimee and Heather :) Today we rearranged the entire store, finished inventory, and put out NEW merchandise...which will be finished in the next 2 days!!!
When I got home I was SO excited to recieve a package!! I just love fun mail! I won a giveaway that the O-SO-FABULOUS Gwen had, and I love it. I just love all my Baekgaard goodies! Thanks again Gwen!

I recieved a sweet note in a cute damask print card, a super fun plaid notepad that is now in my purse, a cute handbag keychain, and an adorable wristlet :)
So, after looking at my fun new goodies, I starting checking blogs and reading about how everyone's day has been and I've been given some awards!!!

Thanks to The Pink Polka Dot for the GLAMOUROUS Award!!

The rules for this award is to nominate 10 bloggers. Here's the winners whom I pick! Congrats girls! I am not choosing 10 that ok? I have 2 other awards that I have and need to pass out :)
Kristin at The Waiting Game
Paige at Mommy and Charli
Alison at Newlywed Brown Eyed Girl
K at Life, Love and Polka Dots
Katie at Katie's Journey

Thanks to Risley at The Adventures of the Wilkinsons for giving me the BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER AWARD!!

Here's the rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award
2. Paste the award on your blog
3. Link the person who nominated you for the award
4. Tell 7 interesting things about yourself
5. Nominate 7 bloggers or less

Here's 7 (somewhat) Interesting facts about me.

1. I have an addiction to Diet Coke..I have at LEAST 4 a day.

2. I love anything that has to involve a cupcake! They make me happy. I love eating cupcakes, making them, looking at pics...anything cupcakes.

3. I have had my heart broken once.

4. I had my first ever surgery October 2009. (It wasn't serious, it was just cosmetic)

5. Pink is my favorite color in the whole world!

6. Everyime I pass by an ambulance, fire truck, police car, i pray for whoever is in or about to be in the ambulance, wherever the fire truck is going, and whoever the cops are chasing or helping and their families.

7. I played tennis for 5 years and my senior year of high school I was number 1 in our area for Seed 4.

I nominate the following:

Amber at The Survival Guide for the Young, Fabulous, and Newlywed

Sunshinemeg at Float On

Go visit these girls!! I have another cute award that I won as well and will give that award away tomorrow night to some other deserving bloggers!

See ya'll tomorrow!



  1. I am SO ready for some warm weather. LOVING your new loot from Gwen, she is the coolest! Congrats on your awards too! Hope your having a great day! XOXO

  2. Yay! Thank you! Chloe's sweater is just too cute!

  3. I'm ready for the warm weather to arrive. They said it might be 45 here tomorrow so I think I'll wear shorts. LOL!!! At least Chloe looks warm. And...I'm so happy you love your give away winnings. :) XOXO

  4. Aww I love the pic of little Chloe with her staticky ears! Too cute!

    Thanks for the award hun!!!

  5. thanks for the award! you are too sweet!

  6. Thanks for the blog love! :)

  7. Love the plaid Baekgaard! Enjoy! Your dog's static ears are too funny.

  8. Your dog is so cute! :) Love the static ears! LOL

    *sigh* I love mail too. Mail-aholic.

  9. Pink is my favorite color too Sweetie!
    You are going to love my giveaway next week!
    It's all about PINK!
    So stayed tuned!
    Oh...I am just adoring Chole in all of her winter fashions!
    Thank goodness it is COLD there so she can strut her prissy self!
    I do know that was her "I don't want mama to go to work look!"
    And those static ears...could win a photo contest!

  10. congrats on the award!
    and that puppy of yours is adorable and so stylish! :)

  11. Thank you for the super sweet comment!! I'm delighted to be following your blog now too :)

  12. Congrats on the awards! I left you another one :)

  13. congrats on the award!! your dog is adorable!!