Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Momma!!!

Happy Birthday to my FABULOUS momma!!

Her birthday was actually yesterday, the 23rd. We spent the day shopping and eating, so I am posting about her birthday today :)

To start her birthday off, she couldn't sleep, so she woke up at 4am..and put in a movie. Please just guess what movie my momma watched. Just guess. Ok, I'll tell you..."Coalminer's Daughter". This is one of my mom's fav movies. It's about the country music legend Loretta Lynn's life. The way she talks in the movie just...idk, i can't stand it! lol. But anywho, she did fall back asleep and when we woke up we got ready for a big day! Mom opened her FABULOUS gifts from me, I love how I wrapped them :)Here's a centerpiece frame I made for her present table :)
Here she is opening up her new Jason Aldean CD from her granddog Chloe! Momma wants to be called "ChaCha" when she has grandkids, so her grandogs call her that now :)

Below is one of my favorite wrapped gifts, its a cookbook :)

Below is a glass drink container mom wnated for when she entertains and has people over! Can't you tell she's a little excited?

Doesn't this dress look familiar? It's the one I bought from the beach earlier this month!

After opening gifts we drove to my grandparents to pick them up and head to Prattville. We left Chloe at their house to play with their dog Becca while we were gone. They are BFF's! We went to eat at Longhorn's Steakhouse. I had the salad and baked potato and momma had the Flo's Filet for the first time. My pawpaw had a filet and my memaw ordered a southwest chicken salad. Here's a pic of my wonderful grandparenst while waiting on our food! Also, they sang "Happy Birthday" to mom and brought some Ice Cream!

After eating we went somewhere we have NEVER been before! HOBBY LOBBY!! We have never been and have heard so many people in the blog world talking about it, that we decided to go :) We don't have one cclose to us, so that's why we went to go to Hobby Lobby!
Let me just say, it was pretty awesome! We came home with a few bags of fun and cute home decor :) I was prepared and went to the website and printed out 3 of their 40% off one item coupon(since we live so far and dont get weekly fliers) one for me, momma, and memaw! My memaw left with the most! She bought some wall decor, a pretty platter for her kitchen that says, "Serve the Lord with Gladness". I bought some pink ostrich feathers for my room that were 50%off (so was wall decor, and floral, and ribbons!!), a roll of super cute wire ribbon for the frames i've been making, a pretty tassel with shades of pink for my room, and some other stuff :)
These are the hot pink feathers I got! I added them to some crystal stems and voila! The pic is of me and one of my besties, Hannah at Spring Break last year!

Hobby Lobby had some AWESOME cupcake jars like I have!! Hobby Lobby's were $22.99-$39.99!! I personally wouldnt pay that unless I used the 40% off, but mine is identical and I got mine from TJMAXX for $9.99! (Mine looks llike the one on the far left)
I so wanted this canvas! It is so me! It says, "I live, therefore I shop"!! How perfect!

I LOVE this velvet damask print ribbon! It was so thick and $14.99 and 1/2 off!! I would have bought it if it wasnt so thick, because I had no clue what I would have used it was just pretty :)When we left there, we went to TJMAXX, Nestle Toll House to get a cookie, Starbucks for a white chocolate mocha, and to pick up sweet Chloe :) Overall, I think Momma enjoyed her birthday!

I am making those pillowcases today and will post those later this week and also my first giveaway will be this week!!!

Have a FABULOUS week bloggers!



  1. Looks like y'all had a great time celebrating your mom's birthday :)

  2. I love your Momma's gifts and the wrapping is soo cute! I most definately love the canvas :)
    It looks like y'all had a wonderful day!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time! I love the wrapping for your momma! Oh how I love our hobby lobby!

  4. I'm new to your blog and just wanted to say hello! It looks like your mom had a fabulous birthday!

  5. I love that drink container. Where did you get it? My 25 birthday is coming up and although i don't entertain as much as I should have I know one day I will. This might be a great bday idea.

  6. ok you are the sweetest daughter in the world!

  7. Happy Birthday to your mom! It looks like you made the day really special for her. I love how you wrapped and personalized everything.

    The pink feathers from Hobby Lobby are too cute. You’re making me want to check TJ Maxx for cupcake jars. They look adorable. We don’t have a Hobby Lobby here, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that TJ’s has them.

  8. What a good daughter you are! Looks like your mom had a fabulous birthday!!!

  9. I have that same ribbon you are holding up and I bought it last week at hobby lobby!!! I love Coalminers Daughter one of my favorite movies!

  10. Lindsay, it looks like you and momma had a wonderful weekend! I LOVE Hobby Lobby!! I can't believe this was your first time! I'm certain it won't be your last :) Can't wait for your giveaway! Have a wonderful week, pretty girl!

  11. What a great birthday for your lovely momma! LOVED how you wrapped the presents and diplayed them:) And I? Am SO addicted to Hobby Lobby!! Glad you finally got to go!

  12. Happy Birthday Momma!

    Coal Miner's Daughter is one of my favorite movies... The more bologna doo little eats the .... he gets. LMAO!

    Hobby Lobby is a place I go to more than wal-mart LOL... I LOVE THAT PLACE! I have giveaway with items I buy from there.

    I am now following your blog. Thanks for following mine.

  13. Aw, such a sweet birthday!! :)

  14. You're such a sweet daughter. I can't wait to see how the pillowcases turn out. Since I'm learning sew I might just have to add those to my list to make.

  15. What a fabulous birthday your Mom had and how sweet you are to make sure she had a great one!!! I love Hobby Lobby!!! Ellie & I can spend hours (and $$$) in there. :) XOXO

  16. I see you found Hobby Lobby...there is one closer in Montgomery off Taylor Rd....somewhere.

    Happy Birthday Kim!