Friday, January 21, 2011

Cookie Surprise!

Today I decided to be nice to my older brother Kyle and go to a local bakery and pick him up a special treat he used to get when he was a little boy. (He is now 25!) Here was one of his favorite treats as a little boy, NINJA TURTLE COOKIES!

The top ninja, Raphael, may or may not have had his legs taken off first...

*Did you know that the names of the TEENAGE MUTAN NINJA TURTLES are all famous painters?? My brother informed me of that today...learn something new EVERYDAY!




  1. I loved the Ninja Turtles growing up! Is that weird?? I'm super girly, but for some reason I just loved them!! These cookies are adorable!

  2. so cute - I loved the Ninja Turtles -- I can still remember the entire theme song