Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Courtney!

November is such a big month for birthdays! Tons of my friends have birthdays in November, as well as my aunt too! Last night, some friends and I did some celebrating for Courtney and her twin brother Cody! They are both 21!! We all went to eat at TGIFridays and had a fun time! Courtney's boyfriend, Shane was there of course! But his family came also to help celebrate which was really sweet! His niece Annabelle helped Courtney open her gifts!
She is opening up my gift in these pics. I made Courtney a wine glass complete with a "C" and polka dots! Also a deck of leopard print playing cards so she can play some drinking games, which I put a vinyl "C" and polka dots on that too! (had to coordinate!), and a super cute "C" coaster! In her card, I gave her some money to buy herself a drink!
Here's Kate, me, and Court! Excuse the way I look, I was looking a hot mess, I got there a little late because I had class :(
Brittany and Tiffany are going to shoot me for this pic, but o well! Love you girls!! Tiffany is going to be getting MARRIED in December!!! I just know her wedding is going to be gorgeous!! I can't wait! She sent out the CUTEST save the date magnets...I should show a pic they are so cute!
Courtney and Cody's stepmom made their birthday cake! She spent 2 days on their pound cake with cream cheese cake! I am a sucker for poundcake w/ cream cheese...this was so yummy!
Cody and his girlfriend Emily, she brought an ice cream cake too!
Two of Courtney's brothers!!
TWINS! Happy Birthday Courtney and Cody!!


  1. Looks like everyone had lots of fun!!

  2. Looks like a fabulous time!!! XOXO

  3. lol@hot mess .....WHATEVER!!! (wink)
    what a fun evening to share w/friend-twins! :o)

    should have taken a pic of the gift you made..sounds adorable!