Friday, April 15, 2011

Dear EB:

Dear Easter Bunny,
I would love for you to "hop" on over to my house and leave the following goodies in my Easter basket this year.

Evolution of Smoothe Lip Balm in 'Summer Fruit'

Tropical Smoothie Gift Card to use towards some Strawberry-Banana smoothies.

"Dancing With The Stars"  Ab and Bun Workout DVD
*You can HOP on over to Wal-Mart and get this for $9.97*
might wanna hurry before they are gone :)

Jewelry of any kind.
I wouldn't mind having a pair of Sorrelli "Electric Blue" earrings :)
Here are two pair that I love!
For your convienence: The top pair ^ are Item: ECG2ASEB.
The bottom pair are item:ECG69ASEB

NAIL POLISH of pretty much any color. I love OPI.
Right now ULTA is having a sale...Buy 2 Get 1 FREE...for your convienence :)
I love all colors. Some cute Spring colors would be fab! Maybe even one with some SPARKLE!

Let's talk sweets  Mr. Rabbit. You can feel free to stuff my basket with some of these YUMMY treats :)
Dylan's Candy Bar Easter 2011 3-pack
You can order them HERE!
If I find anything else I need to add to this VERY helpful list, I will let you know :)
As you know I just LOVE surprises more than anything and your usually ALWAYS pretty good at surprising me with some FABULOUS things :) I trust you to fill my basket up well :)

Thanks In Advance.
Have A Hippity-Hoppity Day!


  1. hahahaha i love how you put the item numbers "for your convenience"!
    I need to make the easter bunny a list!

  2. hubs bought lily the lip balm b/c it was egg shaped...we ended up throwing it away b/c she ate it.

  3. Cutest post ever! Love your blog too :) I'm quite the fan of those spring opi colors!!!

  4. That would be an awesome Easter basket!