Thursday, April 14, 2011

Royal Package

My brother and sister-in-law sent me my BIRTHDAY package! I just love receiving snail mail or in this case...ROYAL MAIL!
Here's some of the goodies that were inside! Rebecca and Kyle sure do know how to to pack things in!

How cute are these blue flats? They also included a cute pair of rhinestone house shoes :)
 They know I LOVE all things CUPCAKES and that I love to bake! How adorable is this double oven-mitt??!!?? I can't wait to use it to bake up some EASTER treats :)
 I wore this dress the very next day to work! It is super cute worn with a black skinny belt and black pumps! Everyone loved this dress at work and couldn't believe it was "sent from England'. They also sent me another SUPER cute 'Honeysuckle/Coral' cap sleeve dress with matching skinny belt and a cute blue sweater!
Cadbury dark chocolate!! YUMMY!
I currently reading this book that they got me for my birthday too!! It is really good so far and I don't expect anything but great from Sophie Kinsella. The "Shopaholic" series is my ALLTIME favortite book series! If you haven't read any books by Sophie Kinsella I strongly recommend them!

Have a FABULOUS day!


  1. Fabulous gifts!!! Love that dress!

  2. What fun and fabulous gifts!! :)

  3. sweet family! i love getting trinkets in the mail...esp for my bday! :o) (this reminds me to get my sis's bday gift order before april 29th! haha)

  4. How exciting! I love getting packages! All your goodies are too cute! I love that oven mitt- I had never seen a double one before!

  5. LOVE the dress and shoes! Too cute :)