Sunday, April 10, 2011


Remember the awesome new shoes I told ya'll about that I bought at the beach? they are! I have a feeling I will be wearing these wedges all summer long!

Dresses, Capris, Shorts...I will wear them with everything!! I will especially wear them with this season's MUST-HAVE color for SPRING-2011..
 This was in last weeks issue of Woman's World. I just love the tunic they featured in this article!

So, do any of ya'll own any HONEYSUCKLE? Plan on getting anything this color?

Have a FABULOUS day!


  1. Ahhh I LOVE that color! Obsessed!

  2. I love those shoes... wedges are the BEST... my feet never hurt when I have on wedges :) What magazine is that from???

  3. Way cute glittery shoes. They make me smile :)

  4. We need to do dinner sometime next week since we couldn't for my birthday. We can both wear our new outfits and you can wear your shoes! :)