Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Prayers for Nick

Two weeks ago today my good friend Nick left to go fight for our freedom in Afghanistan. I ask that you please lift Nick up in your prayers today. Please pray for his protection and safety as well as the other men and women fighting right along with him.

Today I sent Nick a little care package and made sure to include a cute Easter card :)

Again, please keep Nick in your prayers. This is his first time going to Afghanistan and he will be there for 6-7 months.



  1. I will keep him in my prayers! I am so proud of my friends that are over seas fighting for my freedom! Have a great week! God Bless :)

  2. We have a long prayer list at many over there and some so/too young! Holly's sister-n-law is over there with the Air Force. She has a 7 yr. old still here that her mother is looking sad to be seperated like that!! My hat is off to all of them and their courage...
    Many prayers for them all!!

  3. How sweet of you to send him a care package! Definitely praying for him!

  4. I am sure that your care package means so much to him! I will keep him in my prayers, along with his family and friends. God bless him for his service!