Monday, April 18, 2011

GLOW Discoveries

Happy Monday Everyone! I think I have told ya'll about a store in Troy, Alabama before, called GLOW Boutique. I just love the way the inside of this boutique looks! Imagine big and tall glass doors as you enter a medium room filled with about 4 gold chandeliers with crystals hanging down and 2 crystal "trees" sitting atop two tables. Glow has a full line of beauty products such as SMASHBOX and TOO FACED. I'm not so familiar with their beauty side of the store because I always wonder o the left side of the store to the JEWELRY! I LOVE when jewelry is categorized by color! The "eye candy" grabs my attention best when grouped by color. Of course I did NOT leave empty-handed :) I never  walk out of GLOW without a little treasure or two or three.

Here is an outside picture of GLOW Boutique in Downtown Troy, Al. I didn't take this picture, I borrowed it from their FB page.

Here are some of my FABULOUS finds! My uncle Chad spoiled me and gave me a GLOW gift card for Christmas and I finished using it over the weekend :)

I have such tiny wrists and it is SO hard for me to find bracelets that fit without sliding off. I hit the jackpot Saturday and purchased 4 bracelets thats fit perfectly :) The open circle and star bracelets below are my FAVORITE! The open-circle bracelet is my new fav bracelet I own. It's funny because a few days/weeks ago I was messing with one of my stretchy rhinestone rings and flipped it inside out to a circle and thought that would be so cute as a bracelet...what do you know, the vision of the bracelet in my head is EXACTLY what this bracelet looked like! Glow had so many other cute bracelets like this with an INITIAL, PRINCESS CUT STONE, and a SKULL.
 Stacking and layering things are so fun to me! I thought these 2 bracelets would be so cute stacked together! The bottom black bracelet was available in many other colors too!
 I have needed some black and gold earrings for the longest time and came across these with a necklace that went well with them! I just love long LAYERING necklaces...don't you?
 Have you noticed the pink organza bags? Each piece of jewelry I purchased came tucked inside of one :)
 Here's what the earrings and necklace look like when put together!
My good friend Courtney graduates Radiology school next month and so I decided to get her a little something for her accomplishment and hard work! I would show you what I bought her, but she read this and would see it. Hey Courtney!
Have a FABULOUS week!!


  1. I SO want to go there! I am always a sucker when it comes to cute shops like this!! Love that jewelry!!

  2. What brand are those bracelets.... wondering if I could find some like them down here!!!