Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chloe's New Friend

My sweet Chloe has a new friend! "Nana", a family friend of ours, who comes over for GAME NIGHT once a week just welcomed a new puppy in her home! (yes, i know that was a major run-on sentence..it'll be alright)

Meet Zoe-Beth!!

Chloe just LOVES playing with her new friend every week! Chloe didn't know what to think of little ol' Zoe at first, but now they chase each other and play with small squeaky toys together! I think they have more fun helping out during Game Night though!


  1. How cute! My dog's name is Zoe too :)

  2. Chloe cracks me up. She has a personality! And Zoey-Beth is adorable.

  3. yay for doggie friends! so so sweet! I love pet personalities :) xoxo {av}

    p.s. less than four days to get your entries in for my huge Whiting & Davis giveaway! a handbag of your choice could be yours...don't miss out :)