Monday, June 20, 2011

Fun at the Lake!

Saturday was full of some much needed FUN in the SUN! A few friends and I spent the day at Lake Eufaula catching some rays and enjoying the company of each other while tubing, riding the boat, and just chatting!

Here's Ashley and I when we first got on the boat!
This past weekend I accomplished a mini bucket list thing.. I tubed!!! That's right! I've NEVER water-tubed before! I've snow tubed up in West Virginia and Pennsylvania though. Snow tubing and water tubing are TWO completely DIFFERENT things!! Ashley was the awesome photographer while Brittany and I were tubing and my memory card was full before we TOTALLY went 4 ft in the needless to say there's no "air" shots of us, or any pics of the end of our tubing experience where we "butted" heads. We both are very hard-headed and had little headaches the rest of the day! Aren't we just the cutest tuber's? Is that even a word?

Hahaha! This pic cracks me up! Look at my face! This must have been when Kent, our fabulous boat captain (and Britt's beau), decided to take some fast turns!
I held on for dear life the ENTIRE time so that I would NOT fall in nasty lake tellin' how many alligators were in there!
Here's Kent, our fabulous boat driver! Kent relly wanted his pic on the blog ever since Brittany showed him "Southern Cinderella", so this one's for Kent! Also notice the 2nd pic of Kent tubing, he was getting some air on that one!

Heath was able to come too! I was excited because this was his 1st Saturday off in the past 6 weeks! I'm glad we could do something fun on his off day!

 Notice Heath is about to fall off but is STILL hanging on...yea, that lasted like 15 seconds!
 The boys having fun!!!

I am always so thankful whenever I am able to spend time with friends! I know I had a great weekend and can't wait for more lake trips!

Have a FABULOUS day!

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