Thursday, June 23, 2011

Birthdays and Bowling

This past weekend 2 special people celebrated BIRTHDAYS! My Sunday School teacher Neil and my best friend Rebekah! Last Wednesday night we celebrated Neil's birthday by eating at a local Mexican restauraunt, Rodeo's, and then going to Ft. Rucker for some bowling.

BACK STORY: Neil has had 7 speeding tickets in the last year...yes 7-SEVEN, that is not a misprint people! Surprisingly, he still has that good ol' Alabama liscense! You would think that by now Neil would have plenty of excuses he has told the cop or has "planned" to tell the officer that pulls him over...but NO. Everytime he gets pulled over he admits he was speeding and just hands over the liscense, insurance, and registration. Well, Neil got his 7th ticket the week of his birthday. The previous 2 tickets were within 13 hours of ech other!!! So, needless to say, we had to play jokes on him about his awful driving habit! do you like the cake?

"Speeding into your thirties, Happy Birthday Neil!"
-notice the cop car chasing the beetle bug?
Bianca and sweet lil' Courtney
 Heath and I! Can't you tell on this blog that I prefer black and white photos of myself?
 This is how Neil REALLY feels about those police officers who keep handing him those tickets!
 This is Justin and Marissa. I missed Erica and Josh and hate that they weren't able to come :(
Our group split up into 2 teams; Boys vs. Girls. Anyone wanna take a wild guess on who won?
 Here's Jaime's professional and personalized ball, I love this pic!
Here's Heath and Courtney showing off their skills!'s yours truly showing everyone how its done!

After not doing to well with the above technique, I decided to do a "granny" bowl...and what do ya' know? I got a STRIKE!
 O yea...the GUYS won, go figure! They were already playing their 2nd game while us gals were on our 4th frame of the 1st game!!! We all had a blast and enjoyed ourselves!

Saturday night after the lake I headed to Rebekah's annual Birthday dinner with her family! Rebekah's dad made some AWESOME steaks and her mom made some AMAZING spinach and bacon mashed potatoes (I'll have to get the recipe and share!). Rebekah's mom also made a very rich, yummy, and fabulous Peanut Butter Fudge cake!! In the picture with Rebekah is her boyfriend Jeremy.



  1. Great pics! I'm so bad at

  2. Looks like fun! Your excited jump in the air after your strike is hilarious! :)