Sunday, June 12, 2011

Headland Festival

Headland, Alabama.

   Headland is a neighborhood town that I love and adore, I always have and probably always will! My love for this small south Alabama town started when my Aunt Nonnie and Uncle Jeff purchased a home there when my cousin Darby was around the age of 2. They lived in another cute city before this called Abbeville (more on that in a few days too!!) They had the cutest little house and after numerous handy projects and additions, they turned it into a charming and loving home. Headland is one of those cute towns where EVERYONE knows everybody! If you don't work with them or see them at the Friday night football game, then you will definitely see them at the "church house" on Sunday!! When I was younger, I always told myself that one day I would build a wonderful "Southern Living" home on some land in Headland and build friendships with the lovely people there. 
    This past weekend there was a reason to celebrate in Headland, the celebration of "BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS and BOUNTIFUL BERRIES". Mom and I decided to visit the charming little ol' town of Headland on Saturday and must I say, we had a GREAT time! Here's a few pictures that were taken. The only thing missing that day was my Aunt Nonnie and her 'crew'! We miss them living so close!! It's been almost 3 years since they've moved to the big city of Tuscaloosa, and we're STILL getting used to it!! Enjoy the pics!!
I just HAD to have some STRAWBERRY Italian Ice! It was sooo yummy!! 
Mom decided to take a pic of me ordering my Italian Ice, she's silly like that! Notice my wallet? I totally got that last weekend! It's a Vera Bradley Frill collection wallet and I got it for 30% off..score! It has room for all my cards, cash, change, and even my checkbook!
 Momma decided to snap another picture just as I was turning around and in mid-bite! Sorry for the awful look on my face..just look at the lovely people pushing the stroller behind me and the daylillies!
Speaking of Daylillies......
 Aren't these pretty?? I was surprised they looked like they did considering its been 100+ degrees and there's been NO rain for quite a long time!!
 This cute lil' water fountain is located in the center of the Headland square next to the gazebo.
 Of course I had to turn it in 'black and white' also! Ya'll know I'm a sucker for a good ol' B&W pic
Momma couldn't leave without purchasing a Daylily to take home and plant! She let me pic out which kind :) First, you pick which type or species or whatever type of Daylily. They were ONLY $5!!
 Then you grab your bulbs from the bucket that's labeled the kind of Daylily you want. Each "strapped pack" had 3 bulbs!
Lastly, you take your new Daylily home. If you are going to Abbeville for lunch and aren't going straight home, then you pour a little bit of bottled water in the backseat cupholder :) Then stick your bulbs in there so they don't get do hot and have a little drink. Then when you finally get home you can plant your Daylillies!
Yes, this is the backseat of your Honda Civic.
Yes, we drove your car to Headland and Abbeville(it's better on gas!)
Yes, we cleaned out the cupholder as SOON as we got home.
Yes, we also got your broken window fixed this week from a rock that flew and busted it :)
-that totally happened when Mom was driving it, NOT me :)

That's what you get for living in another country and leave your car with us :) LOVE YOU guys and see you soon!

As you can tell Momma and I had a little adventure and enjoyed every minute of it! Check back to see a little bit of Abbeville, AL and where we went to lunch!!


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  1. I've never really been to Headland, looks like a cute Southern town though! I LOVE italian ice too! Looks like you had fun. :)